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  1. Hi, I opened a secured credit card 18 months ago. This is my first and only card. I have a credit limit of $200. Never missed a payment. I understood you needed to be below a 30% utilization rate. And actually, I had a 0% utilization rate for 12 months. My score back then was 697. But bankers (for mortgage) told me my score was not "usable" because there was no credit history (since I did not use the card). So, I decided to use the card a little bit. As soon as I started to use the credit card for $12 (6% utilization ratio on $200), my score dropped 4 pts even though I paid the $12 in time. I tried again. My credit went from $12 to $22, but my score went down 2 points. Can someone explain why my score dropped in this case even though I did things the right way? What should I do to get an excellent score while building credit history? Thank you

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