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  1. I had a very hectic day at work, so couldn't call. My wife spoke to 2 different people, and was finally put through to tech support, where she hung up after being on hold for 15 mins! But the explanation above makes sense - I'm only seeing the AU details, I guess I must be the primary (I put $3k on the card and it's not showing cos I'm just logging into the AU account). Just need to find the time to get it resolved by phone.
  2. "It should have been fairly simple" - I quite like the idea of that on my tombstone. Companies don't employ enough customer service staff, because it impacts profitability and there's no profit in dealing with an issue like mine, but hopefully it won't be too painful
  3. Thanks. This is all new to me... didn't realize there was such thing as an "Owner" vs just "Authorized User" on accounts... Funny thing is that my wife created the online account, but if I'm reading right, it's possible she did it with my AU card number vs. her Owner number. Still seems kinda odd that I can see most, but not all charges when I log into the account! Maybe the account doesn't show any purchases used by my card... yeah, will look forward to explaining my issue to 7 different people until one of them understands Thanks all for the advice and info.
  4. Been at least a week. Just read the Fair Credit Billing Act (will pick it up again next time I'm struggling to sleep!) and focus there is on about incorrect info, charges etc... vs. just not showing stuff in the first place. Guess I'll call them and then what I'm guessing is that when they reveal the full data I'll be able to challenge any fees or late charges because these were never shown to me. But seems like there should be more recompense - if I spend $3k on a car, I expect that transaction to be shown.
  5. Hmmmm. But we have a single log in to the online account, so it's not like Citi can tell who is me vs. who is my wife (and since my wife didn't believe me, she also logged on to try to find interest rate, past charges, large purchases shown, and like me, found nothing.
  6. Guess it's getting into semantics, but as the account holder, I assumed I would be an Authorized user! No - we opted for paperless statements. My wife and I both have cards (and a single log in to our online account)
  7. Thanks Card has been used much more this year than in previous years, but I'm sure I recall seeing some interest charges being posted in 2018
  8. Thanks. So weird - under my name, it has Lock card and replace card - but nothing else! And although I can download all transactions, when I go to Statements and documents, I get this message "The monthly billing statement is not available to authorized users." !! - So if this is the only (other) place current interest rate is shown, then I still can't see it. I just moved houses and bought a car. Put a few large expenses on my card, and there're definitely not shown in my transactions. And if I filter my transactions on fees / interest charged (over 2 yr period), it says "Looks like there aren't any transactions that match your filters". Everything I've read about FCBA is more about incorrect info vs. missing info. But I assumed that by law a CC company has to show charges and current interest rate. I guess I'll have to call them, but if I've been charged late fees without receiving any notification, (And without this being reflected on any transactions details) I'm going to be very upset.
  9. I have a Costco / Citibank credit card. Use it for occasional purchases - particularly large purchases, and usually pay the min required before paying off entirely every few months. When I look at my statement (either online or downloading 2 yrs worth of transactions) there's several anomalies. 1) There are no interest/fees charges shown in over 2 years. Since it's sometimes a few months before we pay off the card entirely, it's very very unlikely that we've not been charged any interest payments 2) Some recent (including large) payments I've used the card for are not shown on my account or in my statements - I put $3k on a car, but the transaction is not shown - but is reflected in our balance 3) our statements don't show running balance (i.e. I can only see what our current balance is, not what it was 2 months ago after making a large payment). So, it's also possible that we've been charged late fees without this being shown on my account / statements. 4) Nowhere in my account portal does it show my current interest rate. This all seems really strange to me - does anybody know what (if any) legal requirements there are for credit card companies to accurately report transactions and the other stuff pointed out above? Thought I'd ask around here before contacting Citibank, in case they just try to sweep everything under the carpet.

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