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  1. Hi WhyChat, Finally received a letter from EX. It would seem that they had deleted one account on the report but had left two stating that they are valid and meet FCRA. Do you want me to go ahead with :- Send the medical DV to the CA(s) for the accounts still on the reports. https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html send the follow up dispute to the CRA(s) https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE Should these letters be written or printed out? Regards, Hisham
  2. Hi WhyChat, I checked my wife's EX credit report and it seems one account was removed but the others have the comments as Account in dispute-reported by subscriber Account information disputed by consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act In the meanwhile, I received a call from the CA stating that upon payment that they would remove it from the credit report and I did ask them for a mail stating that they would do so. They stated that as per their policy they do not issue pay to delete letters and i requested a call back from that agent's supervisor. Still waiting for their call. TU credit report shows all removed but i do not understand why two accounts are still been shown on the EX report. Could you advise on what the next steps ought to be? Happy new year btw and thanks for your continuous support! Hisham
  3. Hi WhyChat, The last I spoke to the hospital, that was before I had even started this thread, I was told by the hospital that I could pay the hospital too by one of the billing agents at the hospital. Would it make sense me calling the hospital up and verifying whether I could pay them directly and settling it there? How do I settle this debt and put this to rest completely for good? Hisham
  4. Hi WhyChat, Update after quite a while. Called the number and had her opt out. That is done. Got a response from TU that those collections records are removed. The response from EX is that they need 30 days for investigations. Do you believe it's now that I should go with the next step of sending the mail to the hospital with the payment due and the HIPPA letter? Hisham
  5. Just a quick update. I mailed out the initial dispute letters to the CRAs (TU and EX) today. Lets see how it plays out. WhyChat - I tried opting out using the web link --> https://optoutprescreen.com. For some fantastic reason it does not allow entering my wife's SSN saying that its not within or greater than the acceptable range for the first 3 digits. I noted that you had mentioned this as an optional step so I skipped this alone. Hisham
  6. Hi WhyChat, A petty question but since I would want to do things by the letter, need clarification on. The following is what you had listed on sending priority mails :- Go to the PO and get a dozen flat rate priority mail envelopes (6X10 is the easiest to use) You can either buy them prepaid with the postage ($7.35) or buy the priority mail stamps separately. Get a stack (they come in a book) of FREE USPS tracking forms. Whenever you send a letter, affix your copy of each receipt to the hard copy of the letter you have sent. You will, of course, be entering that PM tracking # in the heading of each letter. What do you mean by affixing your copy of each receipt to the hard copy of the letter you have sent? And the PM tracking# you would want me to write it on top of the envelope? Generally we receive the receipt and the tracking number from the post office after handing over the envelope with the letter within to the post office yes?
  7. Hi WhyChat, Have a query which is actually confusing me quite a bit. Am not very familiar with how the information on the credit report works and thus need your insights. There were around 10+ bills which were sent over by the debt collector and I have been paying bill by bill each month. Now what is showing in the credit reports are just the three remaining bills which I have to pay So my question or confusion is as to whether the debt collector is removing those collection entries after payment of each bill. I cannot seem to 'backdate' the credit reports to see what it reflects at a certain point of time. The placed for collection date/date opened shows as May 1st 2019 on both TU and EX CRA reports for the remaining 3 bills. Could that mean that the debt collector had included ALL the bills initially and has been removed them upon payment? Hisham
  8. By opt out I believe you are referring to --> https://www.optoutprescreen.com/ ? Would I have to notify the hospital too that I am opting out too or would the above site would take care of all sharing? Read this from the following article --> https://www.creditrepairpublishing.com/article/credit-repair-how-to-use-hippa-privacy-rules-to-have-medical-bills-removed-from-your-credit-report/ Another question I have WhyChat, the FORM LETTER TO ORIGINAL HEALTH CARE PROVIDER which you have on your site is address to the HIPAA Compliance Offer. My question would be the address I would have to send it to. Should I send it to the address on the billing statement from the hospital? The address on the billing statement i had received has a PO BOX address and not the hospital address at which the services were performed. I know I am not at this step but just wanted to know for clarification. Hisham
  9. I got the credit reports off annualcreditreports and I see the account numbers listed. It seems that its listed on both Experian and TransUnion CRAs at this point. Hisham
  10. I do know the balance due to the debt collector as I have been keeping track of what the balance was and what i have been paying. And my last call to them couple of days to plead the removal of those credit report remarks verified the amount I owe from my end. Based on your response :- (1) Send dispute letter to the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) on which the remarks are appearing (2) If dispute letter does not result in deletion I ought to be getting an immediate response from the debt collector (CA) (3) Pay the hospital directly with HIPAA letter (with 'a' section) and balance due from my records I did not sign any agreement with the debt collector (CA). It was merely a verbal confirmation of a payment plan. I had a look at the sample letter for CRA dispute. Currently I am using CreditKarma to show me the derogatory remarks and it does not list any account number as such. It merely shows the current creditor, original creditor, amount, when opened, account status etc. Is the account number something I should obtain by retrieving the credit reports from annualcreditreports? Thanks for your responses. It is helping me frame a course of action because I make any payments and mess up my wife's credit. Hisham
  11. Thank you for your response WhyChat! Based on your response, are you assuming that the hospital had reported to the credit agency? In my case, it is an actual debt collector to whom the debt had been given over by the hospital. I have been paying the debt collectors a monthly amount and I am aware of what balance I have with the debt collectors at this point. What shows on my wife's credit report (TU) are just the remaining bills. Should i reach out to the hospital and ask them for what balance is available and request them for a letter with that balance? And then go through with sending that HIPAA letter? Appreciate your time! Hisham
  12. Hi WhyChat, I happened to bounce onto this forum whilst skimming through medical bills and need your assistance. In a bit of situation for which I am not sure what approach I am to take (1) Wife had to undergo some medical procedures in 2018 and that resulting in some medical bills (2) I had missed a month of payment after negotiating a payment plan with the hospital unfortunately and it had gone through to debt collections (3) Reached out to the Financial Recoveries (debt collectors) and negotiatied another payment plan unknowingly to me that inspite of doing so that they would report it on my wife's credit report (4) Checked my wife's credit report this month and I see the collections records listed in her profile (5) Called Financial Recoveries and they were not helpful with my request to remove the records off my wife's credit report upon payment. They say that once its settled, it would be marked as closed and it would eventually 'fall' off (5) Called the hospital and asked them if they could claw back the debt so that I could pay it off with them and they could have Financial Recoveries pull it off my credit report. They had mentioned that I could pay the debt to either the hospital or the debt collectors but they have no control over the credit report issue. I am at loss right now as to what approach I should take to remove those derogatory remarks from her report and would appreciate any advise. I read that goodwill letter 'might' work after complete payment but there is no certainty of that. One thought that ran through is that if i were to pay the complete amount to the hospital they technically Financial Recoveries would have nothing to claim and they maybe 'bound' to remove those remarks? Any advice is highly appreciated! Hisham

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