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  1. There's so much going on in this thread that I connected it to the wrong issue lol. Just submitted the CLI request. It says 7-10 days. Will keep you updated. Thanks!
  2. Got it. I assumed the 3 or 4 cycles comment was in regards to applying for the AMEX Gold
  3. Ask for 3x now or after the 3 or 4 cycles of PIF?
  4. Best to hold off on both until a few months of PIF goes by? Also, yeah probably won't go for the Platinum. Will just stick to the Gold.
  5. Also, if I plan to apply for the AMEX Gold, would it be a good idea to hold off on requesting for a CLI on my delta gold for now? And, I know until now I haven't been PIF.
  6. Just thought I might need to mention the CL on my delta gold is only 2,000. Would that be a factor? Total on all cards is 7,500. (4 cards). Not good I know. But still hasn't been a year yet
  7. Off topic but I've learned more from y'all and this forum than I ever did watching Youtubers who solely focus on credit cards
  8. So would it be too crazy to set a goal and say I will have the Gold and Platinum Amex cards before the end of the year? It's a goal but I can definitely use the features even though the annual fees would be high.
  9. So then I guess they will never list "not paying in full" as a deciding factor. It's just part of their algorithm.
  10. So do you think the "Prequalified Cards" section under my account is specifically tailored to each person or just the cards that they're trying to push to everyone?
  11. So I guess that means, even if I PIF for several months, I still won't be approved for an AMEX Gold. I'm PIF from now on!!!
  12. Then I'll be paying off now. Then I wonder why I couldn't even get a Chase Freedom card. Seems like Chase is more selective in regards to who they approve
  13. Well I think because I applied for several credit cards and I recently had to buy some items, it took me down from a 705. But yeah not necessarily high. I just meant not bad. I thought credit card companies would like that you leave a balance so they get interest on it?
  14. I just started building credit since October. Never missed a payment. Got the AMEX Delta Gold in December and have always paid on time and even double paid some months. Paid well over the minimum, even 500 dollars. So I guess I've only had an AMEX for 7 months but I'm continuously getting denied for the Gold Charge Card even when my Experian is 695. They state the score is too low and the short history. Is that normal or just me? Any advice?
  15. I just spoke to the reconsideration line at AMEX and they said in order to send for manual reconsideration, they would need to do a hard pull or request documents. I think its better if I wait and just build a few more months of history with them.

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