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  1. I just spoke to the reconsideration line at AMEX and they said in order to send for manual reconsideration, they would need to do a hard pull or request documents. I think its better if I wait and just build a few more months of history with them.
  2. Thanks for the info. Ideally I'd like to apply for the Gold Card. I can pay off every month and i could definitely use the points. My first secured card literally gave me zero benefits. I'm guessing Chase wants to see at least a full year of history before they give me a card?
  3. Hey So I've had my first AMEX (Delta Skymiles Gold) for about close to two months now. I know they give these cards out easy. I'm about at the 6 month mark for generating credit. I didn't have credit before. My score is at 690 now. I feel like its too soon to apply for a second AMEX whether it be the blue everyday or gold card. What's an average amount of time to wait to apply for another card? Chase wouldn't give me a card because I did not have any relationship with them, however I was pre-approved for a CITI double cash if that helps any. Thanks
  4. Would it help to add the Apple Credit Card to my credit to increase my limit and amount of revolving credit lines?
  5. So I've been using Credit Karma and Experian and they both say I've matched with AMEX Gold. My history is less than 6 months which I know is basically nothing but I'm wondering why I'm matched to be approved to those cards? I've gone to AMEX website and they say I'm not matched to any cards. Anyone have experience why Credit Karma and Experian would try to push those to me? Or is it simply just because they're possibly getting paid to?
  6. So I only have a car lease which I guess shows up as a debt and the secured card. My score is at about 695(credit karma).
  7. Hey everyone So I've just gotten my first secured card to build my credit history for the first time. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos and reading information about credit cards but I keep hearing a lot of different views. I'm wondering how long on average I would need to wait until applying for an unsecured card? I've had the secured card for a month now and I'm just looking at Chase, AMEX, and Bank of America cards. Seems like a lot of people say to get a Chase card, but AMEX has higher points back on spending. Any ideas?

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