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  1. I agree. I used to watch them when I started out figuring out what's what in regards to credit cards.
  2. Then any reason why there's so much focus on AMEX and Chase cards? At least, when you watch credit card youtubers, 80% of the time is spent talking about Chase and AMEX. Is it because Chase and AMEX actually offer benefits?
  3. I just used the calculator on Bank of America's Travel Rewards point calculator and spending $80,000 would give you about $1800 in cash. On AMEX, the same spend gives about $1000 cash. Is that right? On AMEX Gold, I split $4k on restaurants, $25k on groceries, and $51k on everything else. Just curious if I did it equally or if I'm missing something? To be fair, it does range from $1,200 to $2,100 so I just took the middle number.
  4. So is this essentially something that over time my "spending ability" would increase over time? What could help that? And as smartlypretty mentioned, would they send me a notification before they begin declining purchases? In a sense, I wouldln't have to worry if every transaction is about to get declined.
  5. That's my concern. I'm completely ok with them seeing my charging patters for obvious reasons. I guess I just hate having to worry every time I want to use my card. Like "Uh oh, will it go through this time?" But I would have that feeling EVERY TIME.
  6. Random question I just thought of. I was under the impression that the charge cards don't have a preset credit limit. My account says "No preset spending limit" However, I just watched a youtuber who mentioned one of his friends platinum charge card has a 1,000 USD spending limit. I'm assuming if there was a spending limit, it would mention it for me right? I'd hate to go and want to buy a TV or something thinking its ok, then later get declined I guess I'm saying, if it says "No preset spending limit" then it literally means that. And if there was a limit, it wouldn't say "No preset spending limit". Sorry, just new to the charge card thing and trying to understand it.
  7. YeahI know the Gold would've been easier. But being denied several times for the Gold, I thought I'd just hail mary and see what applying for the platinum would do. I was 1000% sure it would have declined. But anyways, I figure building up points and miles from now would be a nice idea seeing as how I probably won't be traveling for another year. That would be a year of saving up points. I could definitely use a lot of the features I was reading about. Would there be any benefits of holding onto the Platinum card long term? Or would it be the same benefit as holding any other card long term?
  8. So just an update. Tried the CLI 2-3 times with no luck(Delta Skymiles Gold). Credit limit stayed the same. Randomly decided to just try to apply for the Platinum card since until this point, I've always been rejected for the Gold.(I wish I had started with the AMEX Gold first) and was approved. Then decided to go for the Gold as well since I heard if you apply for multiple cards, it only gets counted once. Also approved! I guess that PIF theory really works! Haha Any ideas how to make the most of the Platinum? From what I understand, Platinum is more for travelers. Since not much of that is happening, I'd be curious to know how to get full value out of it. Any Platinum owners have any ideas?
  9. There's so much going on in this thread that I connected it to the wrong issue lol. Just submitted the CLI request. It says 7-10 days. Will keep you updated. Thanks!
  10. Got it. I assumed the 3 or 4 cycles comment was in regards to applying for the AMEX Gold
  11. Ask for 3x now or after the 3 or 4 cycles of PIF?
  12. Best to hold off on both until a few months of PIF goes by? Also, yeah probably won't go for the Platinum. Will just stick to the Gold.
  13. Also, if I plan to apply for the AMEX Gold, would it be a good idea to hold off on requesting for a CLI on my delta gold for now? And, I know until now I haven't been PIF.
  14. Just thought I might need to mention the CL on my delta gold is only 2,000. Would that be a factor? Total on all cards is 7,500. (4 cards). Not good I know. But still hasn't been a year yet
  15. Off topic but I've learned more from y'all and this forum than I ever did watching Youtubers who solely focus on credit cards
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