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  1. I got behind on my mortgage with Wells Fargo I was 120 days late 3 years ago, but I have been making my monthly payments. So every month I am 120 late. I finally saved enough this year to make an extra payment so now I am 90 days late every month. Recently Wells Fargo sold the mortgage to an investor and it is being serviced by Fay servicing . They sent me a notice of default and an intent to foreclose when I'm only 72 days late. In the letter it basically says I need to make 3 months payment in 30 days. I called and they will still accept a single payment up until I am 90 days late. It is my understanding that they can only send this letter after I am 90 days late and I would still have 30 days to pay. I am trying to catch up. I will be able to save an extra payment in a couple of months. This new servicer seems so much more aggressive. Are they in compliance.

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