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  1. LOL yes we have a mortgage currently and I know what my payment is, but I was just curious how to determine like if the purchase price is 450,000 what the mortgage would be. (I completely made up that number btw, we would NOT be buying a house that cost that much) Someone once told me the payment would be about 10% of the purchase price and that is pretty true for our current mortgage, I was just curious if that was an accurate rule of thumb, I guess technically it would depend on lots of factors such as interest rate, down payment, etc... I guess I answered my own question. thanks!
  2. Hi, We currently have a mortgage but would like to sell our house and either buy land & build or buy a preexisting home. Our credit is low currently but I would like to work on getting it back up. I only have scores from Credit Wise, not sure how accurate those are. What is the best way of going about to get the scores used for mortgages? We have our current mortgage, a car loan ($7000 left), and I have student loans ($93K). We do have some late payments on our credit and 1 charge off I am working on getting removed. I do have credit card with a small balance on it, so I will be paying it off too. Other than paying on time and paying down the debt, any other suggestions to help raise the credit score. I wasn't sure if talking to a mortgage broker at this point would be beneficial. Also, is there a way to get an idea of how much your mortgage payments would be? Thanks for your help!

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