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  1. So I signed up for the Chase Freedom Unlimited, and was denied. I do have a Chase checking account, and the Slate card, I previously mentioned. They denied me because -Few revolving accounts opened long enough to establish credit history -Insufficient balance in deposit and investment accounts with us. They stated my score was 735, through experian. They also said that these things below were the factors that negatively affected my credit score. -Total available credit on credit cards -Satisfactory obligated revolving accts compared to all revolving accts -Insufficient installment loan information -Unable to verify information on one or more accounts. I'm really at a loss of what to do nor can I make much sense of all of this. Do I just continue using the Slate card? When can I finally have my OWN credit card?
  2. @IndyPoolPlayer and @cv91915, thank you guys. I was not aware of that. Indy, you recommended the chase freedom unlimited card. Is it "ok" to have two cards of the same company? What are the pros/cons of that, if any?
  3. Thank you so much to everyone who responded. @cv91915 the chase credit score thing I was referring to is vantagescore 3.0, powered by TransUnion. I am not sure of the accuracy. @Occam and @IndyPoolPlayer, My father is responsible for the credit and he does keep a small balance on it. My fear was that in the future, if I want to move out and what not, that I would need my own credit card, since the actions he does take on the card would reflect on my score as well. So do you think it's worth removing myself, for that reason? The card I have is a Chase Slate, I don't believe it is an amazing card. Considering that I am an AU for this card, do I still need to consider signing up for a starter card, where my understanding is that it is a "secured card" and you use it to build credit? Or would you recommend something more than that( like Citi double cash or Capital one quicksilver)? Or is the Discover "it" card more than just that?
  4. Hello everyone, I'd like to premise by saying that I am not that financially literate, which is the root cause of my misunderstandings. However, I am trying to learn more by researching. I am a college senior. My father added me as an authorized user to a credit card in 2016, and had been making payments on my behalf. According to Chase Credit Score, my score is in the high 700s. My question is, I want to be independent from my father, so I do not want a card "linked" to him. Is it possible to "unlink" this card and have it only be my card? If so, does this have an effect on my standalone card? I can't have my only credit card be one that has me as an authorized user forever. If this is possible, but has negative consequences, please feel free to mention those as well. Basically does removing myself as an authorized user of a credit card, negatively affect me for my future cards? I just want my own standalone card, that is my main goal, but I do not want to do a great deal of damage to my credit score. Please offer some insight. Thank you in advance.

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