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  1. An update, EQ just emailed me and are saying the 2 accounts are verified but only list the OC and amount. It's weird that TU deleted within a week and both EX and EQ did not delete? I plan on going the snail mail route, should I start with the HIPPA Dispute Letter or send the Follow UP Letter?
  2. I wanted to follow up as I had some success and some questions. These are the exact steps I took: 1) I opted out 2) I deleted old address from the 3 CRA's 3) I disputed ONLINE with Transunion as a test with condensed version of the INITIAL HIPAA DISPUTE LETTER and my reasoning as "Not mine or No knowledge of account". I say condensed as each CRA only allows 210 characters or less under the comments section. - Transunion deleted the account in 5 days. With this success, I decided to continue with the remaining two online 4) I duplicated step 3, identically, with both Experian and Equifax. - Experian got back to me within 4 days and reported the account as unchanged but lists the OC Hospital name and has this statement "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)". Is this account now verified? If not how exactly do I know if an account is verified? I have not received anything in the mail from Experian or the CA. - I am still waiting to hear back from Equifax, they have until 12/3/19 What are my next moves for Experian? Should I dispute by snail mail with handwritten letter with full Initial HIPPA Dispute Letter? I just think its bizarre TU deleted it and EQ is still investigating. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all, new member here who has been reading through the stickies and comments for the past couple of weeks and finally decided to make an account. I was given medical services on 11/18 for two balances of $823 and $145 from the same ER. These balances went into collections on 4/19 and the $823 balance was reported to the big 3 CRA's and and the $145 was reported to only EQ. The CA's are different for the two amounts. I was currently living at my old address when I visited the ER and never answer my phone to any numbers I don't recognize so I never received any voicemails, letters, or emails from the CA's which means I never admitted to any of the debt. Their letter may have been lost in the mail when I moved. My Transunion credit report is showing the $823 CA pulling a hard credit inquiry on me but is not listed as a derogatory mark on my credit but is till coming up as a collections, is this normal? I was reading through the whychat method for removing these as I plan on purchasing a home on 1/20. My questions are: -Is the sole purpose for "opting out" for preventing my data from being sold? -What is the purpose of removing old addresses? -If I did indeed sign a HIPAA release form, at the ER, does this null and void this whole process? -With my scenario, can I go through this process through each CRA's online portal? I am reading mixed opinions on this. Thanks in advanced!

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