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  1. Understood! Still chipping away at this. Determined to get this handled. Have received letter saying that it is verified as being my debt but still following through with the process.
  2. Thank you, WhyChat. That was actually my line of thinking. The issue was that I didn't see any date associated with the remark. Is there a way to find out other than calling them and asking?
  3. @Why Chat For the Follow Up Letter, I have not received any 'snail mail' correspondence from either EQ or EX. For the following verbage in the letter 'I have disputed this unknown medical account with the reporting Collection Agent, (copy enclosed with proof of their receipt), as per your instructions in your response of xx/xx/xxxx to my dispute of xx/xx/xxxx and have had no valid response.' What should I put considering I do have the dates of when I sent Pre-HIPAA dispute letters but, again, no correspondence from them. The only reason I knew they were received was seeing remarks on my credit report under the corresponding collection. Thank you!
  4. Ah, got it. My apologies, I do look around before I ask and did not see that! Thank you.
  5. @Why Chat Hey Why Chat! I thought this may have gotten lost and I'm so close. Still looking to get these questions answered. Mainly what's highlighted if you're short on time. Sincere thanks as always. -Ken
  6. Great way to check this. Thanks for suggesting it. EQ has a note with Collection #1 that reads in 'Remarks', "Consumer disputes this account information Medical" AND EX has a note with Collection #1 that reads in 'Comment', "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)." and in 'Reinvestigation Information' reads, "This item remained unchanged from our processing of your dispute in Nov 2019." Looks like I outsmarted myself and did file both. Still confused on how I got so confused with these two. But anyway, that is what I see. SO with what you said, looks like I have the go ahead for both the Medical DV and Follow up Dispute for both EQ and EX. Should the Medical DV also be handwritten?? And still not sure what 'PM#' is? Also, I'll rewrite the Pre-HiPPA Dispute Letter I had for EX with both Collection 1 and Collection 2. To only include Collection 2 and send it. Hopefully this straightens out my path again! Got a little winding there. Thank you!
  7. For further clarification amongst the confusion, I'm Asking the first portion of the above to see if EX or EQ does receive more than 1 Pre-HipAA Dispute Letter does it matter? Starting over with both would let me know for sure, they have both received it. And then I'd be able to move forward accordingly. And lastly, how important is having the report number when sending in the Pre-HipAA Dispute Letter. Got a service where I can see all 3 reports through EX. For TU I can see the account # of Collection #2 but the TU report (through the EX plan) doesn't have a report number. If I need to buy a TU credit report with the number I can but wanted to know how important that aspect was. Thanks again, WhyChat.
  8. Late to handling this with a misunderstanding about when you're able to get your free annual credit reports. So I Made a mistake. Not sure how. But here are some corrections and some questions.. In Oct. of last year I sent Pre-HiPAA Dispute Letters to TU for sure and then EX or EQ. I don't remember which now. I may have mislabelled. Confused now for a few reasons but trying to just move forward. May have sent a EX addressed letter to EQ or something like that. Can I just send Pre-HiPAA Dispute Letters to Both EQ and EX and start over basically? (EQ is reporting Collection #1 and EX is reporting Collection #1 and Collection #2 as of Jan. 6th.) Then after I do that is when I would do the Medical DV Letter to CA and Follow Up Letter to CRA if needed, correct? Also, in reference to the medical DV letter, what is 'PM#' ? Tackling this piece by piece. Sorry for the confusion.Thank you.
  9. Will Do! Thank you for your time and patience WhyChat I will make sure it doesn't go to waste. Helping my grandmother use this process as well. Will respond with results. Best.
  10. OH..I was also reading CA as Credit Agency instead of Collection Agency. That makes sense now. That was a understanding gap filler for sure. OK. I'm sending say CollectionBrothersLLC the medical DV for EQ then I send EQ and follow up dispute. Now for the DV for Collection 1 the CA did send some paperwork but it's been some time and I'm not sure if I can find it in order to attach It. In that case, since you suggest using the sentence 'This letter... response to your attached letter.' Do you suggest using the ' have received no communication' phrasing 'This letter.. unknown medical account on my (name of CRA) report' ? I'm shortening the sentences just in case it's a no go to post verbatim here.
  11. Yes! Ha I feel so accomplished in finally explaining the situation clearly. Ok, perfect I will do that! Thank you. Last time I checked EX, I saw nothing, will check again to see if it report Collection #2 to Ex. I just have to remember which card/bank uses EX in order to check. Thank you again!
  12. Yes, that is correct. the Initial Dispute Letter is what I sent. Now, if TU already removed the original collection (I'm going to start referring to the original collection as Collection 1 and the other collection as Collection 2 to prevent confusion. Collection 1 was what I started the process to get rid of initially. I knew Collection 2 was on the way but hadn't posted yet. It has now posted.) So let me start again. TU removed Collection 1 after I sent the initial dispute letter. I have not yet sent another initial dispute letter for Collection 2 just yet. With that said, should I still be sending a medical DV to TU? Or should that be after I've sent the initial dispute letter for Collection 2. On EQ, Collection 1 is still reporting either hasn't gotten to reporting Collection 2 yet or it won't. Not sure. Collection 2 is reporting as the only collection seen on TU. I'm being overly thorough again just to make sure I'm being clear. Saying all this because the sending the DVs in the same envelope for both TU and EQ did confuse me a bit. Would I still do this is Collection 1 is no longer reporting on TU? And if so, are you saying to send both EQ and TU's DV in one envelope , 1 pair to TU's address and 1 pair to EQ's address? Thank you very sincerely for your patience. Things are clearing up in terms of understanding just doing my best to ask questions to fill the gaps in between my understanding.
  13. Understood Centex, I understand this break down. I tried to going directly to see an account manger approach and it didn't work for me. So I'm glad I have that understanding and can now move forward with a different approach. Thank you.

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