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  1. Hi WhyChat, I had been away on travel but got the results from TransUnion a week or so ago and they removed the medical collection completely. Equifax has yet to respond to my knowledge. However, I tried speaking directly to billing about the second bill i was expecting and they were not willing to budge at all. And a not long after I was celebrating the other bill was put on my credit report as a collection. My question is, I plan on following the same process for this account, but does the prior collection just being taken off it hurt the new process at all?
  2. Hi Centex, I attempted to go to billing department to discuss the bill and potentially set up the discount but they said the actual billing department where I would be able to speak to someone directly was an hour and a half a way. In your experience, is it still worth it to drive that distance versus trying to reach out via phone?
  3. Many thanks to you, WhyChat! I came across the HIPAA program first but for some reason I found myself confused and I've been looking at it for months now. I think it was a mixture of new information an syntax. I'm sure I'm overcomplicating it, largely because I don't want to mess up a step not understanding it fully, I'm going to go take another swing at it.
  4. I'm and 27 and still relatively new to this process, there's no much to learn. I have been trying to build my credit for the last 3 years and it's been a slow-ish process. It was going well until I got sick and my engineering job fired me without notice so my insurance was not invalid. There is one medical collection that has posted to TransUnion of $308 from Wakefield and Associates. From what I can see on Credit Karma, this collection is not on Equifax. Experian I can't tell if it is posted there or not. I can see a negative collection from Experience on Discover's Credit Score Card. However, I have an energy bill that was in my name in which half ($53) was unpaid by an old roommate that's still showing 3 years later though it has been paid off since 12/9/16, so it may be that showing as delinquent/collection on Experian. It doesn't show the itemized adverse account list on that platform. I only requested my annual credit reports for TransUnion and Equifax to have one more to pull if needed during the year. I believe I intended to pull Experian but got mixed up since I had issues with receving them online and had to do by mail. I also just received the second and last medical collection of $568 in the mail from Account Resolution Services. This hasn't posted to of the CAs yet from what I can tell. I'm attempting to use the HiPPA process for the $308 dollar collection. But when I went to put in the account number, which is what I did not have from Credit Karma, the CR is still showing the same account number format of 111111**** and I'm assuming that is not a valid account number to place on the dispute form. So now I'm confused. Can someone please assist me? I'm confused and feel as though I'm missing some vital pieces of information to understanding and executing this correctly since I've been reviewing this process for months and the picture is still not as clear as I would like it to be. Above all, Thank you for time!

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