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  1. Thanks for reply cv91915. Very valuable information to share. So if I get mortgage will that include mortgage protection insurance as well or else I need to purchased separately from other lenders.
  2. What is the difference between mortgage and mortgage protection insurance?
  3. Alright thank you cv91915. I am looking for any other options.
  4. Thanks for sharing this forum board hegemony and sure I will go through this forum, are there any other insurance forums where I can get some information about my query?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I will see through which one is best suitable for me.
  6. I do have health insurance policy with the employer. As per my knowledge term policies are only fixed term right so will I get lump sum money after the premium ends. Thanks for reply Hegemony
  7. I do have some personal saving for retirement but I am looking after options where to invest so that it save some money for retirement as well as to cover my life, to protect my family financially in case of unexpected situations. Anyways thanks for valuable information.
  8. Is there any life insurance policy where we can save money for retirement?
  9. Yes, if you affordable to pay then you can buy mortgage insurance if not you can get a bit of advice from any mortgage insurance agent for any other options.

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