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  1. Hello every one ever since I learned about this place I have been on this more then my Facebook thanks! So i have a 711 Experian 703 Transunion 698 Equifax and all the preapproved offers I fill out all get denied I have a total of 2 inquiries on experian that's it I dont know why nothing will get preapproved and I dont want to waste an inquiry please what am I doing wrong it almost makes me want to quite and give up I get bummed out and I'm about to go inquiry crazy and apply for everything here in a minute if I dont get some help.... My oldest account is 3 months old i have a total of 1 account on Experian 3 accounts on equifax and 2 on trans union Oldest account 3 months old no miss payments utilization less then 3 percent no actual credit cards 1jewlerystore 5000 limit 22 balance 1secure loan 1000 balance 942 2500 ox publishing 120 balance 1500 Huffington post 98 balance No credit cards no late payments no derogatory no fraud alert nothing I cant apply for capital 1 because I owe them from 1 year ago even though it's no longer reporting on my report or can i?

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