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  1. Yowza! Am I correct to assume the Fico 8 from Experian is the most used?
  2. From EXP EXP - 662 EQ - 643 TU - 649 From EQ EXP - 587 EQ - 621 TU - 588 From Credit Karma EXP - NA EQ - 639 TU - 629 Why is EQ so low? All the info is the same between them and the dates of the most recent pull is within a day or 2 of each other.
  3. With AE using the browser I was not allowed to log in from that IP without text confirmation. As I lived there I forfeited my US number and got a thai one when I moved, I wasn't able to do a text verification and it would not allow an email one. Even when calling, they couldn't get me logged in. AE was the biggest pain. In the end I had to have my mom write them checks for me, and I would Pay Pal her money. The others were hard geo blocked. We're talking a local CU, Penny Mac, a furniture store and Discover. Cap one, Chase and Citi didn't seem to care. Only the CU was blocked while in Europe, but as I lived in SE Asia I imagine that the security concerns were higher.
  4. A couple years ago I moved overseas for work. I notified all of my banks and none of them mentioned that their sites don't work in certain countries due to security concerns. I found myself geo blocked, racking up international calling fees trying to sort it and unable to make payments until a friend pointed me towards VPNs to spoof my location and log in again. In the process I managed to create seven 30+ day late payments. 1: Is this grounds for dispute? Before coming here I called AE and Disc.... they told me that there's nothing that they can do. After finding this forum it seems like I went about this all wrong, but I am still looking for some better understanding as to what is and isn't a valid dispute. 2: Should I be disputing or requesting changes from my CC company or the CRA itself? Thanks in advance.

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