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  1. Ok that was easy enough to start off , I opted out and requested my Eomb, I'm not the sharpest mind I'm a real layman,the process of whychat is to accomplish what? My goal is to just pay these things off cheaply and carry on with life? How can I just pay pennies on the dollar? I have focus issues and lots of steps are very nerve-racking
  2. I do not have eomb's, I was not covered by any insurance company's for any of the charges.
  3. Hi I have a few Emergency room visits ,that have gone unpaid they are as follows Ar resources October 2016 $221 Ar resources December 2018 $1098 Mba law June 2019 $299 Mba law June 2019 $300 Common wealth finance July 2019 $1172 What would be the best and most affordable way to handle these debts ?

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