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  1. @hegemony Yes I was declined. I have things in collections, but I thought my credit rating was better. Showing credit of 619. collection action of judgment delinquent past of present credit obligations with others. "score ranges from a low of 309 to a high of 839."
  2. @hdporter this was after an application for a commercial property loan.
  3. @hegemony Thanks for this info. My question is this, is it possible that the bank was seeing information not on my normal credit report? I suspect that is the case, because I was told there were more things in collections than what shows on the report. It was only a number value, so it is possible the banker mispoke. However, I am questioning if he saw things that were removed off my report. The letter from the bank is saying only Transunion was used. There a history of low and high credit score. I have never seen such a thing before.
  4. what exactly does that mean? They existence is conjecture, or how the make this report? Am I able to get a copy of one?
  5. Does anyone know the name of the credit report pulled when banks are looking into financing a mortgage or other large loans? I have been told they use a more in depth credit report that is not the normal credit report. Does anyone have specifics on this type of report? Are there any laws regarding this type of report? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has a list of banks and what report they pull. My transunion is significantly worse than my other reports. I am trying to get a commercial loan for a building. Thanks.
  7. There is another credit board that was endorsing them. Not anymore.
  8. @cv91915 Well, yes. I certainly realize now that a bank won't do business with stuff in collections.
  9. Yeah, I have the credit reports. Everyone keeps saying settling debt won't help your score, but that's the issue the banks keep having. So what the hell I am to do? People recommended Lexington law not too long ago. They suck now. I filed a complaint with the consumer protection bureau and they gave me money back. Still a waste of a couple hundred.
  10. Not that anyone is paying attention to this thread, but I tried to get the ball rolling with a lender. I embarrassed myself and ate *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*. Somehow my Transunion score was way lower than anything else. It was 618. Credit karma was showing me my Transunion was 680, my Experian was 700. When I was paying Lexington law my FICO was around 680. I don't know why actual score was so far off. I just refinanced my car last year, and I didn't have any trouble. I know they pulled a different report. This sucks. I am xxxxx
  11. I am pursuing an SBA 504 loan. I do know they provide for lower credit scores. The government guarantees the loan, and the bank only is at risk for 20%. My credit score is fine. It's just the junk on the report. My main bank denied me hard when I looked into a SBA loan last year. Since then scores have gone up, even though I still have the junk on the report. That same bank offered me a credit card a couple weeks ago. However, the credit card was probably an automated gesture.
  12. I started a business in 2016 with the last couple thousand dollars I had. Prior to that I made a bad business deal using personal credit, and I had to default on all sorts of credit cards and a small loan. Now 5 years later my business is doing good and I need a business property. I don't know what to do with the remaining negative items. 5 of 11 are settled. There are only a couple non-settled credit cards that show up on a credit report. the loan is on the reports. The past year I have not had too much trouble getting money or credit. I bought a car in 2019, refina
  13. I am posting because I guess I need member status. No working links .
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