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  1. That is a good idea! Also, it shows my payment as only $106/month.. hmm..
  2. Hey @PotO, it’s actually an installment loan through my local credit union. They offered it with no credit check, $1,200/12 month/12% APY. I did end up getting it. it sounds like at best it won’t hurt me to have it (save for spending a little extra in interest) I’m hoping that perhaps this will put me in good graces with my CU and might help me get a credit card with them in the future
  3. @centex thank you for the advice about not being afraid to use the phone... I’m going to call them and start getting this straightened out. How would you advise I proceed? Just telling them my situation? I’m deeply appreciative for your help
  4. I called Washington Debt Law PLLC today and spoke with Mr. Edgar Hall (https://wadebtlaw.com/attorneyprofiles/) I called to ask him specifically about the 3 year vs 6 year SOL for credit card debt, and how some people online are saying credit card debt should only be 3 year SOL as it should be considered an "open account/revolving account" He did inform me that there was some talk about this pre-2008/2009 that WA state used 3-years, but it confused judges and they never used a 3 year SOL for CC debt, but always deferred to 6-year due to the definition of a CC being an account receivable/written contract. (paraphrasing his words) I asked him straight up, "so could a judge ever be convinced it's 3 years?" and he said "No. I have some court case documents where they always sided with 6 years and that's what they go with every time I've ever seen it, but cases rarely come down to SOL, I think I've only seen that 2 or 3 times in my career" (again paraphrasing but trying to get his wording as exact as I remember) Like I mentioned, I would LOVE for WA to be 3 years. I know the language isn't spelled out in black-and-white, but it's pretty evident by the definition of an account receivable/written contract that 6 years is the standard here.
  5. https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=6881248198285580411&hl=en&as_sdt=6,48 "... remedies this unfair burden by applying Washington's six-year statute of limitations to the claim instead. RCW 4.18.040. We agree. " "... Thus, the two requirements of RCW 4.18.040 are satisfied and the trial court erred when it failed to apply Washington's six-year period and concluded the claim was time barred " " Last, Sunde asserts that Delaware has a blanket policy of applying the shortest possible statute of limitations to a case and that we should not undermine that policy by applying Washington's six-year period. " " Sunde's argument fails. Not only is Washington's six-year statute of limitations shorter than Delaware's indefinitely tolled statute "
  6. @MarvBear action limited to 3 years: (3) Except as provided in RCW 4.16.040(2), an action upon a contract or liability, express or implied, which is not in writing, and does not arise out of any written instrument; every credit card has something to sign (whether on paper or an electronic signature, which both are considered written instrument) action limited to 6 years: (2) An action upon an account receivable. For purposes of this section, an account receivable is any obligation for payment incurred in the ordinary course of the claimant's business or profession, whether arising from one or more transactions and whether or not earned by performance. every credit card is an account receivable. I HAVE found 2 cases where courts determined that 6 years was the SOL in WA. I have found 0 where 3 was used or applied. I’ve tried asking Why Chat about this but he gets VERY irritated at the prospect that he’s wrong, but his opinion is based solely on his interpretation and one random website he cites. Every lawyer on AVVO says 6 years too. Why Chat is just simply wrong, unfortunately... I would’ve LOVED if he was right though but he never produces any evidence that 3 years is applicable in WA
  7. So I received an e-mail from my bank offering me a $1,200/12 month/12% APY unsecured personal loan, what's kinda crazy is that I only have a $200 secured credit card through them (as well as direct deposit into checking and savings as well) It's stated that there is NO credit check, and NO early payoff penalty (I verified this as well) I don't need the money, but I'd like to get a good account on my credit. The $1,200 posted to my checking account today, my thought is to immediately pay off $1,100 and make equal monthly payments on the remaining $100 (although I just made those numbers up, but ultimately pay very little in interest) Any thoughts?
  8. @centex true, I had considered that as well. I DO want to buy a house within ~2 years and I know it won’t happen with these CO’s on there. Any advice or recommendation for how to negotiate with them in order to pay the least amount possible? Or any other advice in general?
  9. In this situation is there a percentage? Making payments would be much more doable than a lump sum, unless they’re willing to take like 8-10%
  10. Hi Centex, The two debts with NFCU are still owned by them, they've sent me letters offering settlements around 40%, being that I am technically and legally homeless, and am pursuing a disability claim through the VA will have a big impact on their decision to sue (I say that somewhat confidently, as VA disability can't be garnished) That being said, I will more-than-likely work out an arrangement with them in order to avoid a BK The two debts with JPMCB/Chase haven't been sold, but are being serviced by Client Services Inc. CSI states that they do NOT report to CRA's, nor do they initiate litigation. I have also received offers to settle for ~40% from them as well. These are ones that I may choose to fight, as they (Chase) haven't updated the CO for either debt's since mid-May (~6 months). I know this can change in an instant however, and am aware of this. I currently have ONE credit card, a small $200 secured credit card through Sound Credit Union. I received an e-mail from them earlier offering me a $1,200 personal loan at 12% APR with NO credit check and NO penalty for early payment. I don't actually need this money as I've been squirrling away my cash, but I am intending on paying $1,100 back immediately, then paying the remaining $100 off in equal amounts over the next 11 months after. (I just came up with those figures btw, I can leave $11 remaining and just pay $1/month if that is better) Due to my personal situation, I feel that most institutions would take favor seeing as I'm judgement proof, and if they know that they cannot collect on VA disability then they might be more apt to a settlement agreement. Any thoughts or advice anyone?
  11. That’s what I figured and have accepted, the 6 years. Thank you for the advice on google scholar LE!
  12. I can vouch for that... NFCU gave me a $24k limit card with zero validation/proof of income. My credit was in the 600's as well at the time
  13. I'd like to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible. From what I've read and researched, Navy Fed doesn't seem too sue-happy in my area at least, and I've only seen one post (on another forum) where NFCU sold the debt to a JDB I've been successful with a few things thus far, but finding a definitive answer to the SOL in WA state is getting frustrating. "Why Chat" is lauded as a credit god here, but his information seems to be based solely on his interpretation of the law and one website he cites, however I HAVE seen several other "credit" websites that say WA state SOL is 3 years based on "open-ended accounts/revolving accounts" Is there a way to find ANY civil lawsuit where a 3 year SOL for credit card debt was used in WA???
  14. Thanks LE, I have read that in depth and will keep that in mind for the future as well! I actually "won" this one though in a different way! CMC is cancelling the collection account
  15. I only read the first few results and the most recent was from 2019, hadn't read anything like that. You seem irritated at me, and I've noticed that same "tone" on many other of your posts to other people as well, regardless, I am appreciative of your time! BUT!!!! BIG NEWS!!! Because I was steadfast in my resolution to FIGHT Midland instead of laying down and accepting it, I was successfully able to get MCM to not only CEASE collection efforts but to CANCEL the account! It was a 10 minute phone call. I will be getting mailed a confirmation letter stating that my collection account is cancelled, that they will not be pursuing the debt. The CO is deleted already, and MCM never put anything onto my credit report. 100% GONE AND DONE. Didn't pay a red cent. Midland states on their website that they DO NOT sell their debt off, so this debt is bye-bye forever. I'm happy to answer any questions sans snarkiness.

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