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  1. @CreditGuy100 great advice, thank you again! I did have one question in regards to something you mentioned; how do I go about getting someone above tier one to talk to?
  2. @CreditGuy100 thank you for your reply! Any additional advice that you think would help my situation is much appreciated!
  3. @Rogue @PotO Just to be clear, I still have online access with them, I can use checking and savings, and I understand I won’t have credit with them again unless I fully pay them off. Then again I’ve had another member impart the wisdom “ that’s a lot of money to pay just to use a bank” I have a current CU I’m a member of that I’m very satisfied with, they seem to offer better rates as well. This isn’t to say that I’m proud to be in debt to NFCU or Chase, but I screwed up and I’m trying to settle it. I do not wish to pay the equivalent of a lower end new car just to MAYBE get credit with them again, especially since they (NFCU) took advantage of so many military members for years until they finally got their hand slapped (~$23MM settlement for their bad actions) I’ve read other people’s sentiments that one should pay back ALL debts owed. Sure, I believe that, if it’s to someone personally (which I don’t owe any person any money whatsoever). Other people’s opinions of me and my opinion are of no concern, the vast majority are all on this board because we’ve financially biffed it. like I’ve mentioned, just trying to live and learn. I’m proud of where I’ve come from a year ago and I’m never getting into financial trouble like this ever again. I do appreciate all actual advice offered
  4. Thanks @PotO! I figured they had heard it ALL before... luckily (actually unfortunately) I’ve read all about NFCU blacklisting if you owe them any money and being forever blacklisted if filing BK. I really don’t want to file BK as I can settle all my debts for under $10k I’m just trying to get that number lower is all... live and learn. I appreciate your reply and time
  5. @centex thank you for your informative reply! When I was on the phone with NFCU months ago and they’re the one that offered to settle at 30%, when I can have enough in one lump sum should I offer them an amount equivalent to 20-25% and see if they go for it? At first glance it doesn’t seem like it would hurt to try something like “well I have X amount and that’s all. There won’t be any more than this so you can take it or I’ll call back and offer it to a different person at a later date” (or something along those lines)
  6. Nope just trying to get as many opinions as I can. As with medical advice, house appraisals, and car repair, it’s good to get at least several opinions before determining a course of action. Thanks again for your time and advice
  7. Also, I’m hoping for opinions from people that might’ve tried the idea I’m proposing, or had experience similar to that
  8. Thanks for the reply. I’ve had other members tell me that I’d never be able to get NFCU to lower to 30% either and had I taken them at their opinion I wouldn’t have the gumption to try and negotiate with them either, so I am looking for opinions since there is no “my way is the only way” you understand
  9. I don’t have prior unpaid rent, all my debt is credit card related. My rental history is perfect
  10. What about an approach like this, I tell them I want to work something out but that if we can’t reach a settlement then I’ll be forced to file for bk? That I want to work with them but if they’re unwilling to accept a figure I can pay then I’ll simply file? I hope that makes sense the way I wrote it
  11. Thanks Hegemony, can you elaborate on the last part? What potential problems would they try to avoid? Would they be likely to try and sue before I could try and file bk? Again, I’d really like to avoid a bk but I don’t want them to know that
  12. Okay thank you for that info! By stopping talking to me negotiations would stop there? What other ramifications or changes could I expect to happen?
  13. I’ve seen posts where other folks got Chase to settle for 10-20% as far as what I was hoping for, well just less I suppose.
  14. Owe NFCU ~$21.5k ($16.5k credit card, $5k unsecured loan) , DOFD December 2018, received offers of 40% in mail (if PIF), received offer of 30% over the phone ~4 months ago, just very recently received settlement offer of 40% in the mail. Last updated on credit report late Dec 2019 Owe Chase ~$7k (over two credit cards), DOFD, Jan 2019, have received offers of 50% from various CA (if PIF) but I've never responded. Last updated on credit report May 2019 I'm essentially "judgement proof" currently, and my state has 6-year SOL Should I try to negotiate and if that fails tell them I'm going to file Ch 7 bankruptcy? I fear this will lead to them calling my "bluff" or filing to sue me right away. I'd like to work out a deal for as low as possible obviously so I hope someone can share some insight. I'd REALLY prefer not to file BK
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