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  1. I just started a new job with a Public School System and the max that I can contribute to the Public Retirement System Plan is 6%--there is no match by the school. The employee benefits person said something about contributing to TIAA CREF, which I know nothing about. My former job had a SIMPLE plan and I contributed 7% and my employer matched 3% so I'm thinking that I need to do something other than the 6% at my new job so I will be contributing at least as much as I was at my old job. My SIMPLE IRA was converted into a regular IRA so I could contribute to that. I'm just not sure about the TIAA CREF. --Something else was said about 5 years of service and I'm vested. Does that mean that if I quit before 5 years that I lose my retirement or does that mean after 5 years my employer will start contributing something ???? I guess I need to discuss this stuff with the employee benefits person. Anyone here familar with TIAA CREF? Thanks.
  2. I've been to one job interview and she called me this morning wanting me to come back in this afternoon. In my current job, it's a small office and it's hard just to say that I need an hour off for personal reasons. I hate to lie and say it's a dr's appointment, but I have to tell them SOMETHING. Plus, if I get the job offer today, I plan on telling them today so they will know that's bs about the dr's appointment. What would you do? Thanks.
  3. Yes, they do!! I've made the mistake of giving her a treat--either a pig ear strip or chicken strip EVERYDAY. She gets mad if I don't give it to her. I feel bad depriving her of her treats when she spends so much of her day alone while we work that I hate to take away something that she loves. I've got to find a way to get her to lose some weight!!
  4. I need the answer to this one too. Our lab has gotten fat and I've ignored the problem because she loves the current dog food we feed her and she loves to eat!! She's got to go on diet--I dread taking her back to the vet because I know he's going to say she's TOO fat.
  5. I looked on Carmax.com (I think that's the website) and there were lots of negative reviews for the 07 Camry while the 07 Altima had mostly positive reviews. I like the Altima's look better, but I want to make sure that I'm getting the best quality/value for my money.
  6. I need a new car. I've narrowed it down to a Camry or Altima. I'm thinking I will get an 2007 model, used. Anyone here have any positive/negative comments on the two cars? Thanks.
  7. I had an interview on Monday for a job that would be perfect for me. Great salary, great hours (7:30-4:00), no overtime (my current job as a tax accountant requres 15 Saturdays of work ---55 hour work weeks during tax season), great health insurance, retirement plan, etc. The interview went well and I think that I've got a shot at this job. My issue is when to start IF I'm offered the job. My current employer will be shocked and aggravated when I quit because I've been here 8 years and he's become TOO dependent on me to do his job so I'm sure it will tick him off. We had kinda planned a short vacation from Sept 19-24. She said that she will make her decision either the end of this week or beginning of next so IF she calls me next week, should I tell her that I can't start for 3 weeks? I know 2 weeks is the normal time that you give your employer when you quit a job. I can cancel the trip if I need to, but I'd rather go. I'm just wondering if I should just tell her that I can't start for 3 weeks or try to explain that we had a trip planned for for week of Sept 19-24. I really want the job and I don't want to start out on the wrong foot so if the normal procedure is 2 weeks, then I can just cancel the trip. The other thing is I will get one week of vacation available immediately (which is great), but I'm used to 3 weeks of vacaton so I'd really like to squeeze this trip in before the new job. Thanks for any opinions on this--Sorry for the rambling on.
  8. We're trying to redo loans for our LLC which has 6 houses, 2 duplexes. All our currently at 7.95% until the end of 3 to 5 years. We're wanting to lock a rate in for 30 years and I'm trying to do some analysis. Loan fees are high so I'm trying to calculate the cost/beneift for refinancing. Some are >80% LTV so the bank is requiring mortgage insurance. Most of the loans will be lower than 80% LTV next year. I know that it's just a guess for anyone, but how high do you project the interest rates to be in 1 year for commerical lending? We've just gotten to the 10 limit and have discovered how difficult it can be to get reasonable financing. We wanted to redo all of the loans right now, but bank shot back ridiculous closing fees. We can't decide whether to do a few now and then a few next year or just go ahead and do them all right now since interest rates are likely to rise. Any advice/suggestions/ideas? THanks.
  9. I do the systematic purchase with TRowe Price. I'm only putting money into one fund right now (Capital Appreciation). At what point to do move on to another fund? How do you all do it? Are you spreading your money amoung several funds each month or are you contributing to one fund until you have a certain amount and then moving on to another fund? Just curious. I'm a newbie at investing so I've been doing a little research and trying to get a plan down. Right now, I can't afford to put a big amount in per month, but hopefully in the near future, I will be able to increase the amount. Just trying to decide if it'd be better to pick one fund and stick with it for a while or take several funds and contribute smaller amounts to each. Thanks.
  10. I'm working on paying off debt and saving for our emergency fund. We've got an ING account and TRowe Price Mutual Funds. We do the auto debit each month for each. I'm getting a bonus and was either going to put about $1,000 in the ING account or the mutual funds. I know that there is risk with the mutual funds, but we've invested in Capital Appreciation and it seems to be doing fairly well. Is it too risky to put the extra cash in mutual funds? Should we just put in the interest bearing savings? The actual plan is to use the TRowe Price for long-term savings. We do have other cash (maybe 2 months of income) saved in another interest bearing account. Any suggesions. I would rather put the cash into the TRowe Price, but I'm not sure if that's the smartest thing to do or not. Thanks.
  11. I'm a CPA and my advice would be to find a local CPA that you can trust. An S-Corp may be an option because it would reduce your self-employment taxes, but you would have the added burden of having to do monthly payroll/tax reports. A good CPA should be able to sit down with you and go over everything and find ways to reduce your tax burden.
  12. Sorry, I wasn't more specific. The actor. http://people.aol.com/people/article/0,26334,1548317,00.html
  13. "George" has come out of the closet. A coworker told me this was reported by People magazine--I've not officially read this, though.
  14. Well, yes being a racist is enough. It's just that I have to have an income to pay the bills. It's hard to quit a job when someone is giving bonuses/vacation payand you need an income to pay the bills. I'd love to quit tomorrow, but we don't have enough in our emergency fund to let me do that. I get so fed up with him and want to just knock him out sometimes, but the flexibilty there is just so nice and they let me take off when I need to. But I still want out of there so badly.
  15. I'm aggravated because just about the time I feel that I can't stay here any longer and I get up enough nerve to start thinking about starting my own business, he gives me a bonus equal to 2 weeks pay and another week of vacation. So now I've got 3 weeks paid vacation and 10 paid holidays, plus he pays for all my CPE (probably $1,000 year). But all this doesn't change the fact that I work for a racist and I will still have to work 55 hours a week starting in January. Seems like a great job because I can pretty much take off whenever I want to during the off-season, but it doesn't change the fact that I HATE working Saturdays. I do appreciate the bonus and I can definitely use it. I just wish he'd do something that would MAKE me quit so I then I wouldn't have to justify leaving.

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