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  1. According to navyfed i have a dirty EWS. I always that thought Ally used EWS. But the loophole is in getting the savings first with Ally once you have online access(instantly after opening savings) apply for the checking. As far as first tech im not sure why they decided to open. I was just testing my luck I guess with a frozen chex lol
  2. It was via email, and with them i dont think ill wait 2 statement cycles since most credit unions do manual reviews on applicants if anything had come up that would cause you not to get membership they would of denied you by now.
  3. Are you referring to first tech? My business account was opened 2-3 days aftee my personal.
  4. any experience with first tech federal credit union approving with frozen chex?
  5. Similar process to mine yup
  6. Very weird, I had to submit proof of identification id,statements etc. Meaning since they were opened I don't see why they would close it down the road. Please come back and say why it was declined
  7. Wow that sucks, yea when I applied over the phone nothing was mentioned about my frozen chexsystems nor my experian, now i'm debating if I want to keep the Ally account lol, if first tech business account allows me to zelle, that than i can just zelle myself my pay, I'd prefer t on have personal and business same financial institution. And not have to deal with multiple. I don't know how people can have more than 1 account for personal things.
  8. I had applied there before applying at Ally, for business and personal accounts over the phone, I was able to set up my online banking yesterday, even though my first email i got said i could, i was missing the temporary pin which i got yesterday.
  9. Yea im not unfreezing my Chexsystems for years lol, i also lost the pin
  10. Now lets see what happens within two statement cycles.
  11. Thought you might want to know this, I was approved this morning for First tech credit union as well, where today i'm going to call them up to set up my business account, any experince with them?
  12. Well I just transfered some of my emergency funds, still have most of it at penfed. I also got approved this morning for first tech credit union, which I plan on opening my business account with.
  13. Wow, makes me kinda of nervous lol, I'm not sure if they also check your credit as well. I was shocked when the savings was opened, than I was tempted to try the checking, If you tried only for checking try the savings first if you can get the savings open, once you're logged into try getting the checking. That's how I was able to open both.
  14. thank you, this calmed me down a bit more, time to transfer the remaining of my emergency fund into the savings, once I get the debit card i'll transfer my checking balance over, just going to keep a months worth of expenses in penfed to be sure.
  15. Have 5 things 3 out of the 5 have been paid off, 2 were BoA, one from 2015 and one from 2019 which is why I didn't pay neither, they said apparently I had opened an account in 2019, which is bs cause they were already reporting me to chexsystems. Yea I am keeping my Penfed open, I'm going to just leave both my initial deposits till I get the debit card
  16. Yea appreciate it, i'm currently with Penfed as I stated before they haven't implemented Zell yet, but obviously now a days theres cash app venmo etc, I also like the idea of having my high yield savings together with my checking account, I tried in the past getting an account with Ally (chex was still open), i'm just going to leave it open for about a month before moving things over, since I am on EWS according to Navy Fed who I was able to get a membership but 3 days later was suspended due to EWS.
  17. Yea lets hope, would be nice if it doesn't close.
  18. Does anyone have any experience with ally bank? I was approved for a savings account and I shortly after applied for a checking and it was also approved, I am both on ews and Chex, I have a feeling the accounts might get closed, I heard they did use Chex but about 4 months ago I froze my Chex. if anyone can shed a light on this for me that would be great,I bank with Penfed, only feature missing there is Zelle which ally provides.
  19. You can start by PenFed doesn’t not use chex or ews, if your score is bad they give you a limited access account, which all check deposited with be on a 5 day hold, can upgrade to a regular account once your score is good enough to be eligible for their regular checking
  20. alright im going to do that, just ordered my paper copies, with my savings plan I should have about 8-10k by august and hopefully better scores.
  21. how were you able to get ally, and also keep navyfed when navy fed is very strict on EWS, I had a membership like 2 days later it was restricted due to EWS.
  22. so what is the fastest way out of debt? thats the method i am going for been reading dave ramsey's book, going to order them tomorrow, going on myfico to find out how to get mortgage score.
  23. My mortgage scores are exp 560, equifax 468, trans 489
  24. Yea i’ve heard that before like fico 8 is what I get myfico and theres a couple different one how exactly do I find out my “mortgage score”

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