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  1. You can start by PenFed doesn’t not use chex or ews, if your score is bad they give you a limited access account, which all check deposited with be on a 5 day hold, can upgrade to a regular account once your score is good enough to be eligible for their regular checking
  2. alright im going to do that, just ordered my paper copies, with my savings plan I should have about 8-10k by august and hopefully better scores.
  3. how were you able to get ally, and also keep navyfed when navy fed is very strict on EWS, I had a membership like 2 days later it was restricted due to EWS.
  4. so what is the fastest way out of debt? thats the method i am going for been reading dave ramsey's book, going to order them tomorrow, going on myfico to find out how to get mortgage score.
  5. My mortgage scores are exp 560, equifax 468, trans 489
  6. Yea i’ve heard that before like fico 8 is what I get myfico and theres a couple different one how exactly do I find out my “mortgage score”
  7. Huh I always thought the score they’d use would be what i get from MyFico. Yea for the next few months I’m just snowballing best I can
  8. No I haven’t ordered my paper copies yet or ever, none of them are SOL, one is medical, Im a authorized user on a credit card which was a clean 20k now its maxed, I told the creditor I never agree’d to get added and they are going to remove it from my reports, after that my DTI is 26.45, just used a quick mortgage calculator
  9. Much like the title says, I am wanting to buy a house in about 8-10 months, my monthly income is pretty good, is just my credit is really bad, total of 6 collections accts spread out between all 3 CRA’s, a total of almost 54 of inquiries across all 3 as well, most of my debt is from truck loan( 18wheeler), a car I was able to get back in July, and the last thing I got under my name is a $500 CC from capital one which, I pay off month to month. Reason for such a fast time for the house is my family is expanding, have a 1 year old and my next baby is coming in aprox 8 months. Right now we live in a studio in the Northeast PA and didn’t really want to rent a bigger space due to me knowing the mortage for a multi family house in my area can go anywhere between 80-120k. the reason for the multi family is I don’t want a liability as my first home instead an investment for the future to get more rental properties.
  10. Here to update was approved at PenFed for a limited checking account due to my score not being quiet there for the america access account. Works the same only thing is for the limited account they will always put a 5 day hold on checks. Which I barely deposit checks only cash so yaya.
  11. Keybank closed the account like 2 weeks later. For now just cleaning up my chex and ews paying off the debit, even though a few I filed claims for with the bank before they closed it. So just stashing the cash.. sorry for late update couldn't sign in to my account on here. Called a few local Credit Unions nothing same as always yes we use chexsystems.
  12. I finally was able to set up an account with Keybank. The hassle free checking. I’ve been reviewing here and a lot of people say some accounts the bank might close it a few days after it being opened. By any chance would you happen to have any ideas if Keybank will do that. I have some cash I wanted to deposit but don’t want the account to get closed after I do that.
  13. No luck with pnc nor citizens savings, woodforest would give me both personal and business, but for my business they would put my checks on hold for 5 days each deposit for 6 months and I can’t quiet do that since I have to pay my employee. Looked for a first commonwealth bank as the other person said but its about a whole hour and some change from me and I always get home past 6pm. Any other recommendations?
  14. Thank will try those banks, want to be able to have my personal and business acct together.

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