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  1. I finally was able to set up an account with Keybank. The hassle free checking. I’ve been reviewing here and a lot of people say some accounts the bank might close it a few days after it being opened. By any chance would you happen to have any ideas if Keybank will do that. I have some cash I wanted to deposit but don’t want the account to get closed after I do that.
  2. No luck with pnc nor citizens savings, woodforest would give me both personal and business, but for my business they would put my checks on hold for 5 days each deposit for 6 months and I can’t quiet do that since I have to pay my employee. Looked for a first commonwealth bank as the other person said but its about a whole hour and some change from me and I always get home past 6pm. Any other recommendations?
  3. Thank will try those banks, want to be able to have my personal and business acct together.
  4. So I am on EWS, and chexsystems. On chexsystems I have 5 reports 2 BOA, 3 that I taken care of but still reporting. BOA is bs. But long story short. I live in scranton Pennsylvania and need a personal account and business. I don’t want the hassle to deal with brick and mortar because I am a over the road truck driver and we all know how banks are with transactions they often times block your card and have you the famous “step inside a branch” if anyone can recommend me a bank that’d be great thanks in advance.

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