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  1. Copied this from a post i just made to r/credit. I hope I'm posting in the right place and that I have enough details here. Sorry for the long read, but I'm in a bit of a confusing spot with how to proceed further. I'm sortof a newbie to credit repair but did do a CRRR 609 verification letter to all negative remarks on my credit report about a year ago. They responded with signed copies of my loans from back in 2003 and I didn't know what to do from there. Have been able to add some new credit since and pay those TL's down which has helped but am in a predicament again with a new medical CA just added. Without that, my score is up near 685. Read on: My current credit is fair between 635-655. Here's a basic breakdown of pos/neg on my report plus goals: Age of credit history is good. I was AU on a bunch of different accts when I was married to my ex wife who had great credit. Oldest acct is 104 mos old. Amount of debt is very good. Just need to get utilization down on trek store card which is in the works. Otherwise no issues here. credit mix is very good with 2 rev accts, 7 installment loans, 1 bank issued TL. Most of these accts are from when I was married and are closed but positive. Amount of new credit is fair with most recently opened acct 9 mos ago (car loan). Looking to add here but certain negatives need to be dealt with first, I feel. Length of credit good. Most of this is from when I was AU on ex wife's stuff. Payment history is good but with 2 accts 30+ days late. These are old AES/PHEAA student loan accts that are closed since sometime in 2017 but originate from 2003 college years. That old debt is currently being paid to a new single installment FEDLOAN acct which is reporting positive. All current TLs which I personally opened (not AU's) have no late pays and report positive. They are: FedLoan, a Cap One unsecured MC with 3k limit (never above 30% util), a comenity bank trek store card which I am paying now to get util lower (bought an ebike last year in 12mo 0%apr and utilization is currently a little high around 44%), and a car loan. Wouldn't have bought a car but my paid for car at the time got totaled (not my fault) right after I bought the e-bike and I financed a used car to build credit further as I thought I was lacking new accts (still am). It has helped, but recently had 2 small accidents to the car and looking to trade it in since it still has low-ish mileage and decent options. despite accidents, may still have some trade in value. I was double paying monthly, so w/o the accidents, I would show positive equity. Looking to trade the car for a sprinter style van for my biz. The negatives I need help with: 2 AES/PHEAA closed accts. I disputed with all 3 CRAs about a year ago with 609 fcra verification letters (not validation...yes I know the difference) done CRRR and each came back with original docs that I signed when I got the loans back in 2003. Not sure how to proceed to get these removed (more fcra? Fcba OC validation compliance etc? I'm sure these may require some "nutcase" interventions but not sure where to start esp since they did send me OC notes I signed. I have reviewed all psychdocs transcripts but old links to letters are not working. a paid collection from an old electricity bill that is still reporting negative. Paid this over the phone before I understood anything about dealing with CAs. a recently added CA (within the last week) that is a medical bill. Is reporting only to TU and Experian and shows up from the hospital itself as the OC but has an agency name listing CA (MBA law/capio) and status marks saying referred to collections. Have not spoken to them (capio) over the phone thereby inadvertently verifying anything. Plan to dispute via some HIPAA protocol but need guidance here. a bunch of hard inquiries not resulting in opened TLs from when I purchased my car. How to remove them? My score was in good 685 range w/o the recently added medical CA. I know it's a bit of a process to get many of these negatives removed but it is a fact that those old accts have either been paid or are being paid so it isn't like I'm dodging my financial responsibility. I was paying something medical thru MBA but not sure why it stopped and/or if the CA is what I was paying on or a new unrelated CA. I went to the ER last year with a broken nose so there was a slew of bills that came with that. With current TLs that I opened, I'm doing well. Took the CapOne card from $500 limit to $3k thru responsible usage. Have been paying double on my car each month to avoid interest and have made monthly payment on trek card exact amt needed in order to pay off the purchase within 12 MOS and pay no interest. I knew I was going to take a utilization hit, but knew it would be resolved as I paid it down. Before the recent medical CA, i was looking to add a few TL's to improve total credit available probably just cash rewards cards cuz I don't care to or have much reason to travel right now. Have plenty of personal expenses I can run thru these cards to qualify for their signup offers. Only intend to use credit from here on out to purchase income producing assets for my biz while building cash flow savings for everything else. I do own a biz (men's Custom tailor), have a biz checking acct with BOA for 7 years and just recently changed to S Corp from sole proprietor. I have nothing reporting to biz credit but I do have EIN and cash flow so I intend to change that. Filing 4 years of back tax returns before Oct 15 DL. I run enough revenue through my biz that with even a few basic net 30 vendors and a biz CC, I can be well on my way to significant biz funding w/o PG. Looking for direction on how to get these negatives off my report and strategy for adding new credit. I want to grow my biz and there are def biz purchases I can make which will produce income but trying to clean up personal first so I can free up more cash flow to begin on biz side of things. Would like to grow that part so I can borrow w/o PG. Any help would be appreciated for self guided repair using FCRA/FCBA/FDCPA/HIPAA. Am open to paying someone to remove these remarks but I do have a basic working knowledge of how to do so myself. Many thanks!

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