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  1. Were the accounts past SOL (statute of limitations) before you left the country? If not then the SOL probably tolled once you left the country and the debts are still within SOL. Is it that you can't afford to pay anything at this time, or, that you're afraid to make a smaller payment because of the SOL? With debts as old as those then you may be able to get them to agree to accept a much smaller amount, to be considered as payment in full. If they agree to your terms, then, once you make that smaller payment the remaining amount would no longer be due, and SOL would no longer be an issue. Like the others mentioned, you do need to order your credit reports. And as Breeze mentioned, if you don't have family that you trust in the states then you can use a mail forwarding service.
  2. My DH is an AU on one of my old Orchard, now Cap One, card accounts. We received the new Cap One replacement cards yesterday and I noticed that DH's card has a different account number then my card number. My first thought when I saw it was that maybe Cap One is planning to make the AU responsible for what is charged on the AU card, much like how Amex does with their AU cards. But, Cap One has not requested any info from DH, SSN, his agreement to be responsible, etc., nor have they sent any info stating that he would be responsible for the charges on the AU card. My question is, if they are doing this to all AU's, if the primary ends up defaulting on their account can Cap One (legally) go after the AU for the charges made on the AU card when there is no agreement between the AU and Cap One?
  3. The SOL begins to run on the date the repo was sold which created the deficiency. You can probably find the VIN# either through the DMV or through the insurance company that you used to cover the vehicle. You might read the info in the following link: http://whychat.5u.com/repoltr.html
  4. chi

    Who is SRG?

    It was hard getting a phone number for the right dept at Allstate Ins. but I did manage to finally find an automated leave a message number with their fraud division. I called and gave them the info. I also called my AG and left a message with them too. Also talk to a NACA attorney. Spoofing is a big no-no for CAs/JDBs. Someone in the office of the AG called back and I explained about the message left on the answering machine. About the local number they had used that was showing on the caller ID was no where to be found on Google. That they had used the name of an insurance company, which they aren't affiliated with, for that phone number on the caller ID. She agreed with me about the spoofing but she basically said there was nothing they could do because it was a CA and there are privacy laws involved. So I asked her if this CA could spoof any company name and get away with it? She hemmed and hawed a bit then said, "well, yeah"
  5. chi

    Who is SRG?

    It was hard getting a phone number for the right dept at Allstate Ins. but I did manage to finally find an automated leave a message number with their fraud division. I called and gave them the info. I also called my AG and left a message with them too.
  6. chi

    Who is SRG?

    The telephone rings and the caller ID says it's Allstate Insurance. I let the answering machine pick it up figuring it was a sales call, even though we're on the do not call list. It was an automated voice, female with english accent that I recognized from past collection calls for DH. The past collection calls never stated who they were or who they were collecting for. Neither I nor DH has ever had any dealings with Allstate Insurance. The calls, including this one, simply said they were calling DH and if the person listening to the message is not DH then to hang up and if it is DH to hang on, and that it was not a sales call. After a short time after that statement they disconnected. I Googled the phone number and there was not a single entry for it. I called the number and an automated voice said it was SRG and to hang on until a rep came on the line. I Googled SRG and it's a CA. What to do about a CA who is using the name Allstate Insurance for the caller ID?
  7. Or OH? Remember there was a tornado that slammed into a HS In Oh. Or Wi? Or any state in the south? The decision to build school shelters is made by the state, not by the federal government. If it were a nationwide petition then people would probably expect the government to make the decision for the states, and to pay the costs of building safe shelters or basements. I know FEMA does have matching funds for the costs of shelters but the rest, or possibly all, of the funds should come from state resident tax dollars. Since it's a state issue then I think that it would be up to the residents of each state to push for shelters in their own states. Since a tornado in Alabama killed 8 children in a school in 2007, Alabama is now the only state that requires safe shelters to be built in new schools. Instead of asking why this petition is just for Oklahoma, people should be asking themselves 'why don't I create a similar petition for my own state'. If you don't want to sign the "just Okla." petition then don't, but I'll be more than happy to click on the link and sign the school safe room petition that you put up for the state you are in.
  8. The last I'd read, the Moore mayor is going to make it a requirement for the new homes that will be built in Moore, not for existing homes or schools, or schools that will be built in the future. Not a peep about it for new homes or existing/new schools in other towns. The school administration seems to be waffling about adding safe rooms/basements into the schools. If I remember reading right, the building contractors that had built new homes or rebuilt tornado destroyed homes in Moore after the past couple of tornadoes were supposed to attach the frames of the houses to the slabs using hurricane plates, which they did not do. Instead the builders cheaped out and just nailed them in like they normally do when building homes. If hurricane plates were required for the new homes, I sincerely hope they hold those builders (and the building inspectors) liable.
  9. I don't know. I suppose the person who began the petition didn't think to make it a nationwide petition.
  10. https://www.change.org/petitions/state-of-oklahoma-tornado-shelters-at-every-school-in-oklahoma Please sign it and share the link to the petition with others. Thanks.
  11. Medical Examiners office stated they had made mistakes in counting how many people had died. They are now saying the number is 24 at this time. The safe room industry is not regulated and I wouldn't trust a safe room that doesn't meet the Texas Tech NWI / FEMA standards. The Texas Tech safe room is designed to withstand wind speeds of 250 mph, which is in the upper range of an F4 (207–260) tornado.
  12. I'm still here. Plaza Towers Elementary School was a 57 year old cinder block school. It probably wouldn't have stood a chance in a smaller tornado let alone in a F4-F5 tornado. They evacuated the older children to a nearby church basement, no idea why they didn't also evacuate the younger children. There was no basement in the school, the children hid in hallways and bathrooms. The children that drowned had been pinned under a wall. Basements in Okla. are extremely expensive to build because of the ground, which could be clay, shale or rock, and because of the high water table. If a basement is constructed improperly, and maybe even properly, because of the high water table there is a good chance of it flooding and creating mold that would spread throughout the rest of the house. Also if a basement is built for tornado safety it would have an independent ceiling from the flooring of the house, which would add to the cost of building the basement. Probably the best shelter would be the safe room that was developed by Texas Tech National Wind Institute. Those safe rooms are installed as a closet in the home, as a bathroom, a room in a garage or installed underground if possible. More cost effective and appears to be much safer than a basement. The school system should look at those instead of basements. (I'd love to have one myself) It's terrible what those poor people are going through, again. This tornado followed almost the same exact path that the killer May 3, 1999 tornado took. The death toll with this tornado is different depending on which news station is reporting it. One station reports officials claim 91 deaths and others report 51 deaths. Moore seems to be a tornado magnet. A local news channel interactive map of 3 major tornadoes that went through Moore.... http://kfor.com/2013/05/20/interactive-map-1999-2003-2013-moore-tornadoes/ (I wish I hadn't seen the pictures that a local veterinarian had taken when he went to the Orr Family farm to work on or euthanize any of the 75-100 horses that had survived, most of the horses didn't survive)
  13. Movie Gallery is the parent company of Hollywood Video. Under the settlement agreement with the AG's in 50 states they cannot report the debts on a persons credit reports, they also cannot add interest, additional late fees or collection charges to the debts. Universal Fidelity works in behalf of the BK court. Usually if a person disputes the debt they will stop trying to collect.
  14. Hi coco The trip to Africa and the photography classes sounds like a blast. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the pictures that you take. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, I pray that you start feeling better soon. Enjoy your life of leisure.
  15. Thanks Adam. Fortunately I've rarely ever had vertigo. Since this tumor started throwing me off balance I often have a bit of dizziness but nothing like vertigo. I don't know how the physical therapy works in getting rid of the balance problems. It must work, at least to a degree, if that is a recommended treatment for the watch and wait crowd. In a way I'm somewhat relieved about it, I think more from the financial aspect then anything else. If it weren't for the 20% deductible (ouch) I'd almost prefer to have the CK done and get it over with, especially since one of the top rated CK doctors (Dr. Medbery) in my state is in the hospital that is under my insurance coverage. For now I guess I'll go through the PT and see if it helps, then wait to see what the next MRI says.
  16. Thanks breeze. It sounds like good news to me too ... anything that doesn't involve surgery is always a plus I'm the exact opposite when it comes to having noise in the background. I do much better when it's totally quiet for some reason. Maybe because my tinnitus is mostly a white noise with a very small bit of high pitch whine. Tinnitus is one of those orphan conditions, though during my research on this type of tumor I've discovered that there is a doctor who had recently created a study in trying to understand tinnitus and to find a cure, or to at least be able to lessen the severity of it. I hadn't told my family about it. I didn't want to say anything yet since until now I really didn't know much about it myself. Plus, my sisters and mother all live in different states and my mother is getting some age on her (92 but still going strong health wise) .. none of them need to worry about it. I also hadn't told any of my close friends since they are dealing with their own problems, cancer, heart disease, etc. So that pretty much leaves me with DH ... he's not one that is great at support. I agree that faith and a positive attitude can do wonders. Faith is always strong but sometimes it is hard to remain positive. Speaking of which, my prayers are with you and what you're dealing with.
  17. I thought I'd post an update from seeing the new doctor that the ENT referred me to. The new doc suggested a wait and watch instead of going after the tumor at this point. He is sending me for balance testing and then to physical therapy to overcome(?)/learn to live with(?) the unbalance issue. He informed me of the size of tumor, from the MRI doctors report. The Findings in the report states that there is a densely enhancing nodule in the right internal auditory canal which measures 0.6x0.7x0.8 cm. The Impression states 1.0.8 cm intracanalicular vestibular schwannoma of the right internal auditory canal. I couldn't pin him down on whether it's totally located only in the ear canal or if it's moved out to touch the brain/brain stem. (I'm guessing with this type of tumor it is still fairly small) But for now it'll be the balance testing then the PT and having regular MRI's to keep track of the size. As long as it doesn't grow and they can do something to get rid of the balance issues then I'm all for that. I'll probably still have the tinnitus, but luckily I'm learning to ignore it for the most part. Loud, fairly loud, noises are painful .. I even had ask the doctor to speak in a softer voice lol. Again I'd like to thank all who had responded with their well wishes and more importantly for their prayers. Ya'll are fantastic
  18. For protection ... Terry or the AA-12, either one will do
  19. Hi coco Thank you greatly for your thoughts and prayers. I hope you have been doing well yourself!
  20. Ouch, that sounds like it had to be very painful. At least you know what it was from and that it wasn't from something that could show back up later on down the road. I've read in the ANA forums that some people have vision problems, one person mentioned that they see the pattern on the wallpaper move. I have a little weakness in the right eye, with some eyelid twitching from time to time, but fortunately I'm not seeing weird things like others had mentioned. Thank you very much for the prayers
  21. LMAO at walking down the hallway with my eyes closed and not hitting the wall .. after the sudden unbalance feeling hit me, and stayed with me, i bounce around like a pinball. I have to hold on to things while walking slowly through the house. I feel like a 90 year old biddie shuffling around. (and no, I'm no where near 90 years old) The absolute worst is the unbalance feeling and the fatigue. I've gotten to where I can't do much around the house and I've started cooking the quickest and easiest meals that I can think of. Even with making those quick meals, by the time I've finished cooking I'm almost too exhausted to eat. I could easily put up with all of the other symptoms, like the tinnitus, etc., but the unbalance and especially the fatigue are almost unbearable. I would say that between the unbalance and the fatigue, the fatigue is by far the worst of the two. I don't know how big/small it is or where it's located. The ENT said that it was pretty small but that it wasn't tiny. That's about all he said about it. I'm guessing he was going by memory since he not only lost the results but he had forgotten to call me until a few days later when he called late in the evening, he was probably at home at that point. I'm so very sorry to hear about your kidneys. Have you already had the transplant or are you still waiting? Either way, my prayers are with you. You take care too.
  22. ICAN, I'm sorry you had to go through that with your lymph node. Was it brought on by an infection from your tooth, or do they not know what caused it? I hope that what you went through was a one time thing with no chance of it happening again. SplashMom, thank you so much for your positive thoughts. Thank you very much for your response. Right now I'm flying blind since I don't have a clue about the size, location or anything else. That ENT really dropped the ball when it comes to professionalism in this case. According to the ENT I have lost some hearing in my right ear but not much, that's pretty much how they worded it when they told me. That ENT wasn't very good about sitting down and discussing anything. The MRI people gave me a disc with the scans on them but I'm having trouble with the program that is used to see the scans. I can only see several of the scans and I haven't been able to see the enhanced scans. I do know that I'm not healthy enough to go through the invasive surgery to have it removed. Even the newer less invasive endoscopic surgery that they've been trying out would probably be too much for me to deal with. I've been doing a lot of reading about GK and CK and I believe that if it's possible the CK option would be the way for me to go, unless it's all hype CK seems to have even less side effects than GK. If it weren't for the balance problems and the fatigue I would be more than happy to take the 'wait and see' road. I've been doing as much research that I can but without knowing the specifics of the tumor I don't know how much of what I'm reading pertains to me. Perhaps after I see the next specialist I'll know more and then I'll probably take you up on your offer of pm's/emails. I am truly grateful to you for your post on how well your treatment went. Aside from your hearing loss in that ear I'm very happy for you that things worked out so well and have remained that way for the past 10 years.
  23. Thank you all for your well wishes and especially for your prayers. ICAN, when the oral surgeon sent you for that MRI I hope they didn't find what they were thinking it could be. Vestibular Schwannoma (VS) is the true name for the tumor but many people with the tumor often refer to it as Acoustic Neuroma (AN). Most of the You Tube vid's that I had seen were under the AN heading. I had seen the one that you had posted breeze and while that one is pretty disturbing the ones that really give me a chill are the post op vid's of those that had the surgery, even if the surgery had been more than a year or two earlier. As for that type of surgery I doubt I would be a good candidate anyway as I've been in fairly poor shape for the past 12 (+/-) years. I have been studying the GammaKnife (GK) and the CyberKnife (CK) information and if I have a choice, depending on the size and location of the tumor, I think I would prefer the CK surgery. The GK surgery is a heavy radiation dose given in one treatment. The CK (which was developed at Stanford) is a lighter radiation dose that is administered over several days, giving the brain a little time to recover in between dosages. As for my regular doctor(s), since I'm on the (second class citizen) medicare plan it's difficult to find ones in my area that will accept me. Also, since I'm extremely chemically sensitive I cannot take most medications and the only local doctors that will prescribe the medication that I can take, to make my day to day life a little more bearable, are the ones in the clinic that I go to. I believe the ENT that I'd seen is pretty much out of the picture at this point. He'd looked over (then lost) my MRI results, finally remembered to contact me but couldn't give me many details since he'd lost the results and now he's passing me off to someone else. Good riddance to him!! I had been doing more research today and stumbled across a forum for those with this type of tumor. The forum is free to read and there is tons of info on there but to be able to post I would have to pay to join, so I'll just be a lurker for the time being. That forum had led me to two other info packed forums, one of which is no longer active and the other is still active but hasn't seen much activity lately. The wonderful thing about these forums is that many doctors from around the country who specialize with this type of tumor often give their time to post, or who had posted in the now closed forum. The bright spot is that one of the most active posting doctors in those forums is located in the very hospital that I have to go to under my medicare plan. After reading many of his posts I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will be the one that I'm referred to. The downside is that often the doctors who do the treatments, regular surgery, GK and CK, are usually outside of many of the health plans. But, since this type of tumor is so rare it appears that many doctors will do what they need to do to get the job done, even if they have to take a major cut in their fees. I agree with you breeze, if a person has a brain tumor this is the one to have. The mortality rate is low from the tumor itself, depending on size and location of course. The worst part about the tumor is the unbalance (which caused a broken rib), the fatigue and the scattered thoughts. I also have extreme muscle fatigue with the muscles on my right thigh, which I never would have guessed that it could be caused by the tumor. The rest of the symptoms I've already learned to deal with. Maybe at some point my body/brain will learn to deal with the worst symptoms.
  24. Thank you so much for sharing and for your thoughts and prayers. I'm very sorry for the loss of your greyhound. If you're like me they are more like family members than just pets and it's difficult seeing them become ill or when they pass. As far as sharing bad experiences, that's part of what I'm looking for, the good, the bad or the in between. I don't know how long I've had this condition but at the least it's been nearly a year. As slow growing as these tumors are I may have had it for years and early this year it grew just enough to press on the nerves and create noticeable symptoms. When it first came on I spoke with my doctor about it and he said he would set me up with an ENT to have the tests run which, no matter how often I called and bugged him about it, it took almost a year before he finally got around to setting up the referral. The ENT sends me to have the MRI done. The MRI office sends the results to the ENT who after looking the results over promptly lost the results and forgot about contacting me until about 9:30pm last night. Then tells me that he's setting me up with a specialist but if I don't hear from him in a week or two to call him back and remind him to do it just in case he forgets about it .... with doctors like this is it any wonder why I am extremely hesitant to have them cut me open and fiddle around with my brain?!? Incompetent doctor rant aside ... again, I appreciate your post. The responses make me feel a little bit less alone and are helpful in kicking in my coping attitude.
  25. Thank you so much breeze, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. The majority of the you tube vid's of the people post surgery look like horror shows to me. I haven't been able to find much from those who had gone through the gamma/cyber knife to see how they had responded to that form of treatment.

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