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  1. I have an email trail from the dealership sales person saying the remaining two payments would be handled by the dealership.
  2. I'm looking for advice on a strange situation. I lease vehicles with Ford Credit and turned in a leased vehicle two months early and started in a new lease in March of 2014. The dealership was to pay the remaining two remaining payments in exchange for me leasing a new vehicle. I hadn't thought anything of the situation and hadn't had any credit issues at all. Until late last week when LifeLock alerted me to a judgement. The judgement was a Charge Off from Ford Motor Credit on 9/2/19 for the amount of those two remaining payments. That caused me to look at my credit report, which I unfortunately hadn't been monitoring as I use my credit cards responsibly and have leased 4 vehicles from Ford since 2014. Upon looking at the reports, I found an account closed from Ford with the status as "Collection" in the same amount of the remaining two payments. The date of last activity was listed as 3/1/2014. Now, on 9/2/19 I get a dinged for a Charge Off and it has dropped my credit score by 45 points! I've never once been made aware of the issue via mail or phone or via Ford when I leased other vehicles. Any recommendations as to how to get it removed?

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