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  1. Not right now, no. But in a year or two with the savings from stop paying and my lawsuit settlement and current existing cash I should be able to hit a fair amount of the settlements (even if I don't take into account my incoming settlement, I can still hit all the debt if I sell mortgage #1). If I sell and am able to settle for 50% on all the debts, I'll be in the clear and can afford it. This is why my initial question asked about dragging things out. Only secured liability is my student loan and bankruptcy attorney said it would stay. I want to keep the properties be
  2. Could you elaborate on what protections would make sense for me in my circumstances? I'm having a hard time seeing the advantages compared to other avenues. Thank you! My thought is absolute worse case scenario, if I can keep my properties and get the settlement I can still settle my debts in full if I can just wait it out for a couple years or if even that doesn't pan out I can BK later too. I talked with an estate attorney today and they said even with a judgement lien, creditors don't really force foreclosure in this state at least.
  3. So IndyPoolPlayer, you're saying that being out of the country will not help me settle more easily? You say antsy, but is that a good or bad antsy? I imagine if I'm leaving country they would be more willing to settle for less since they couldn't do anything to me (if they can't lien the properties of course) Well Hegemony, bankruptcy now does a few things to the best of my knowledge. I lose a primary source of income and my house with equity in it. I would be better off selling the house myself using the lump of money to live on and dealing with creditors as they come if I can eve
  4. I'm going to talk to an estate attorney this coming week and see what they say. There might be some way to protect the houses in a company, from what I've read. If that's possible it would delay the lawsuits since I wouldn't have assets anymore and then I can settle on a slower path. I've of course already talked to a few bankruptcy attorneys and bankruptcy isn't an option yet. Would still love to hear any input.
  5. Yes I did lose my job, about a year ago. That's why the debts have gone up and savings down. I've been searching for a year and no luck. Niche industry with non-transferable skills. To clarify some points IndyPoolPlayer. I'm not looking to run out the SOL. I'm not looking to get out of the debts entirely either. I want to settle them and use the money from my lawsuit to also help with that. Even if I were to get another job that paid the same, it would take me several years to get out of that much CC debt. But at this point in time it makes more sense to get out before
  6. Adding a couple specific questions onto this. How long would an attorney be able to drag out having to go to a court date once I get sued? The idea here being to get more time to stockpile more money to offer settlements and to buy time until my lawsuit settles. I've read excusable neglect of something like, travelling, you'd have 6 months to overturn even a default judgement. Is a lien awarded on the court date for the suit? If not, when is the lien placed. Is a lien put on my property with equity or all properties? Do they only get to choose one property?
  7. Have $130k divided between BOA $25k, Chase $28k, Wells Fargo$9k, Fifth Third $11k, Barclay $7k, Cap one $5k, Amex $30k, student $20k Leaving country in a couple months, can't afford living in US unless I convert my primary to a rental, makes more sense to leave to stay with family and friends in Europe. I'm still current but will stop paying in about 6 months. I have assets, 3 houses. One if I could sell now, probably about $50k in pocket. The other 2 are worth nothing because I bought them over past 2 years, would lose money on sale. Will continue to collect rent while out of coun
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