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  1. lol new truck prices are out of control, I love having my 04 Chevy for doing truck things with, like pulling my race car
  2. Thank you for clearing that up, I noticed on one of my CC apps that the number had gone to 100% so I was curious
  3. Synchrony was super easy to get some CLI, 4000 on my Care Credit, 2000 on my Auto Care, and 2500 on my Rooms to Go, can't wait to see those hit my report
  4. So new question, how do the credit bureaus calculate the payment percentage, it looks like I have about 560 on time payments and one late, 560/561 = 99.8%, when will that round up to 100% All tries to get this late payment goodwill removed have not been successful. I am up to 725 FICO, and just got a total CLI of about 7500, so hopefully that score goes up to 730 in a few months.
  5. no problem, I like that it is just numbers and not a linking service
  6. Waiting for the lawsuits, when Robinhood tries to get all that money back lol
  7. Very true, I have a vision to have my own business one day but I am not going to tell people I am retired lol. Also I would rather work a job that I love, live within my means, and have a nice amount of money for my child, and donating to worthy causes, then live some bare bones lifestyle with no car, in a tiny house, eating the cheapest food out there for 40 years after I "retire" at 40
  8. You actually do not link your data at all, you manually enter in the numbers. I know you can do the same in excel but I like having the app on my phone and I can quickly adjust or check my budget. I actually tried doing the same in excel but I didn't like the formatting or having to boot up my computer to check
  9. to sell, I get 15% employer match on my contribution, but I have reduced my contribution greatly recently, just going to invest that money instead. I wish it was with one of the major traders
  10. wow I didn't know people were that gullible these days
  11. I don't get why people don't pay off their car before trading in, if you want a new car all the time pay it off in 36 months or lease it. I personally buy used, and have saved a bunch of money.
  12. I just started using Dollarbird to do a budget, and love it. It is a calendar based which probably could help someone else that is trying to schedule credit card and loan payments. I just wanted to share with everyone
  13. I am trying to get out of robinhood and transfer to ally. Unfortunately my employee stock purchase plan still charges, $30 per trade!!
  14. That is awesome! Did they negotiate on price easily. We are hoping to buy our first new car next year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I was in a similar situation and Upstart did give me a loan, but I did not have a $1000 car payment. Try to cut down your phone and utility spending. I have the cheapest phone plan from verizon, only internet, and try to minimize my electricity cost. If you have an unlimited plan you may be able to just get rid of internet altogether. Also talk to your GF, if she really loves you she will sit down and work with you on a budget and plan to get rid of the debt. Would it be worth selling the cars and using the profit to buy older used cars so you can save $1000 a month? I only have 1 car payment and that helps a lot. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  16. I agree. I have noticed an improvement now that my late is over a year old Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  17. Thank you for the info. when I got my new AMEX card, the FICO score notice said I was at 723, but I have increased my balances since then. Where should I be utilization wise?
  18. Thanks! I have a discover card and check my score on that monthly. I will definitely work on a GW letter Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  19. It is my only one, and the account is open and at $0 balance. It is with Cap. One, I know my score is very average, and that is with the fake scores from my credit cards. Still learning on how to get an accurate FICO score. I found this forum researching GW letters
  20. I had one 30 day late in September of last year. How much is this affecting my score? I am around 700, but am wondering if I am missing out on an extra 20 or so points? Really trying to get to 740+, looking to possibly refinance the mortgage, and get a car loan in late 2020.
  21. I had a bunch of CCs with balances on them and making just the minimums was killing me. I was able to get a loan through upstart that has a lower APR and I consolidated all of my payments into one. You can have them draft a payment bi monthly which works well if you get paid every 2 weeks. I have done pretty well with that, and have vitually no CC balances now
  22. lol I will not, I am actually interested on working to pay my debt down and get some scores in the 800s
  23. I use robinhood, and got into options trading on their, you can make some decent money if you are smart.

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