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  1. I will follow your process depending on what I get. I wish I had taken care of this before it went to collections, now I could easily pay this off
  2. Thank you, this medical service was in 2020 with my former insurance company. I will try to pull the EOB if possible and make sure that was correct. if I have opted out would that prevent a letter? How would I tell the CRAs I have not received a letter
  3. I have 2 collections from Medicredit on my credit reports, unfortunately I have missed the 30 day window to send a dispute letter. I have not received any letters, just automated messages from the CA regarding my accounts. Is my best route a pay for deletion? I would like to settle for less than I owe and just be done with this.
  4. I wonder if you haven't filed 2020 taxes, they would just look at the 2019 returns for your income??
  5. I am about to close on my refi, 30 yr at 2.625 with points Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. I'm tempted to try goodwill with Crap One, got a 30 day late from 2018 that is killing me, Fico 8 of 742, I'd imagine removing the late would put me close to 800
  7. It's interesting that we see both the same things. I really thought most lenders would be using FICO 8 or 9 scores, but I guess that is not the case
  8. ok, it seems though the loans I have been applying for are using them
  9. I am seeing a big discrepancy between my fico and vantage scores (27 points), is this common?
  10. Thank you to both you and cv91915. I will be putting together my reports and scheduling a meeting. I will let you know how it goes!
  11. The last one, yes that was the only reason stated on the denial
  12. Thank you! I would never pay more than $400 a month for a car, and will probably never buy a brand new one either. I am thinking I need to look into a credit union or bank. I bank at Wells Fargo, Chase, and Ally, but I really do not want to get a loan through Wells Fargo. Unfortunately I do not qualify for Navy Federal. Thankfully our house has about 75k in equity, but I would rather not tap into that if I didn't have to. Honestly I am in a much better place now, then 3 years ago when all my cards were maxed out, and I could barely afford the minimums.
  13. Sorry if I wrote it incorrectly, my total unsecured debt is $33k I have looked at a HELOC and was approved for one, but since I was doing a refi I did not take it. I think it was 4% on a minimum of $35k. I will probably look at that at some point. I have no problem making the same payments I am making (about $1210 per month) so I would probably continue that same total payment mount but just at a lower interest rate. I just hate looking at how much I spend on unsecured debt. In the past 2 years I have learned my lesson, increased my cash flow and budgeted better, and do not us
  14. I have 4 new accounts in the past 12 months, my FICO according to Discover is 742, and it was probably 715 when I was applying for these loans. I make 85k per year, loans and CC debt is about 35k, mortgage is $1120 per month (going down with a refi)
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