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  1. look at the Lexus IS and Infiniti G37/whatever they call it. Both are well built cars with 4wd available.
  2. $7000 maybe in revolving, that number has come down in the past 6 months every month. Making all my minimums and then some. I am not generating new debt. I did recently get like $40k in CLI with Synchrony, maybe they thought that was too much? and as Hege said, maybe they are trying to reduce their exposure to subprime situations
  3. Thanks, and I have never had any issues with paying Synchrony, and have one 30 day late in 2018 that was my fault of not updating the automatic draft bank account. I was really only using those 5 synchrony cards to help build up my available credit to reduce my utilization as I paid off my other cards. At this point I am going to call my current creditors and see what I can do for a CLI, and hopefully boost them to 10k or more
  4. I have one at 28%, 2 at 24% and one at 11% Yes I know it is bad to carry balances, but I have finally gotten a budget together and building savings, and being able to pay all my bills
  5. I believe they are now, the AA of open accounts is 2 yrs 7 months
  6. Thank you! I am going to, it just sucks losing $50k in available credit
  7. FICO scores from when I applied for some loans recently was 738 or 742 I believe, not the greatest but still ok. The deferred interest is on a Rooms To Go card, one of their 5 years 0 interest offers
  8. I found out yesterday that Synchrony closed all of my accounts with them, 5 in total, about $50k in available credit. They said they sent me a letter, and it states that my credit report shows that I am at a high risk of being unable to pay my accounts. I only have a balance on one of my cards, and it is on a deferred interest plan. I assume they really are trying to do something else here, Should I even bother trying to keep these accounts open, or just look for new credit with better banks/lenders?
  9. Would there be any positive change by getting my credit reports to show a previous address? They have 2 of my other previous addresses, but it is missing a rental we lived in before we bought our house in 2016
  10. I got one to get the % off, ended up saving $70 on our daughter's birthday present so I think it was well worth that at least. I will use every once in a while and get the 5% off on something we need just to keep it active
  11. I hate that he takes credit for everything that his companies do when in fact, he just made these companies that were able to hire smart people. He is really good at raising capital though. Also Teslas are not that impressive to me, paint, and fit and finish is very poor compared to a real car.
  12. Thank you for the feedback. I am going to let my accounts age and try in 3 to 4 months. My auto loan will also be paid off so I am sure that will help as well.
  13. Yes it was from a debt consolidation company, Do not remember the bank specifically. I also got these interesting codes from upgrade.com, Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. They used TransUnion, and SageStream LLC, anyone ever hear of that? High number of recent applications for credit. High number of recently approved applications. High requested loan amount in relation to income. High number of installment accounts recently opened I asked Lightstream about my denial, and they said they do not consider that I will be paying off any existing personal loans with the new loan, so that is why I was denied with a higher than average credit score. I actually had a way worse credit score when I got my original loan.
  14. Yes I know I just unfortunately do my banking with WF right now. I will be going to look at a CU soon though
  15. just don't use your card to pay for it lol! I was in a similar situation, and used upstart to get a loan to consolidate my debt. I had about 30k in debt, and was able to get a loan at 16%, and then about 9 months later got a loan for 12.8% APR. With a score of 660 and the fact that you have 4k in extra income to pay debt with, I would definitely explore this option. Just be disciplined and do not use the cards once you have them paid off.

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