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  1. I wonder if you haven't filed 2020 taxes, they would just look at the 2019 returns for your income??
  2. I am about to close on my refi, 30 yr at 2.625 with points Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  3. I'm tempted to try goodwill with Crap One, got a 30 day late from 2018 that is killing me, Fico 8 of 742, I'd imagine removing the late would put me close to 800
  4. It's interesting that we see both the same things. I really thought most lenders would be using FICO 8 or 9 scores, but I guess that is not the case
  5. ok, it seems though the loans I have been applying for are using them
  6. I am seeing a big discrepancy between my fico and vantage scores (27 points), is this common?
  7. Thank you to both you and cv91915. I will be putting together my reports and scheduling a meeting. I will let you know how it goes!
  8. The last one, yes that was the only reason stated on the denial
  9. Thank you! I would never pay more than $400 a month for a car, and will probably never buy a brand new one either. I am thinking I need to look into a credit union or bank. I bank at Wells Fargo, Chase, and Ally, but I really do not want to get a loan through Wells Fargo. Unfortunately I do not qualify for Navy Federal. Thankfully our house has about 75k in equity, but I would rather not tap into that if I didn't have to. Honestly I am in a much better place now, then 3 years ago when all my cards were maxed out, and I could barely afford the minimums.
  10. Sorry if I wrote it incorrectly, my total unsecured debt is $33k I have looked at a HELOC and was approved for one, but since I was doing a refi I did not take it. I think it was 4% on a minimum of $35k. I will probably look at that at some point. I have no problem making the same payments I am making (about $1210 per month) so I would probably continue that same total payment mount but just at a lower interest rate. I just hate looking at how much I spend on unsecured debt. In the past 2 years I have learned my lesson, increased my cash flow and budgeted better, and do not us
  11. I have 4 new accounts in the past 12 months, my FICO according to Discover is 742, and it was probably 715 when I was applying for these loans. I make 85k per year, loans and CC debt is about 35k, mortgage is $1120 per month (going down with a refi)
  12. so I have about 25k in 2 Lighstream loans, interest rate is around 12.8%. I would like to try to roll those into one loan with a better interest rate. I keep looking for loans with a variety of the online companies, but always get denied due to too many inquires. I have 10 inquiries in the past 2 years, and one 30 day late from 2018. Are there any creditors that actually look at my payment history and see that I am more than capable of paying my current loans?
  13. Thank you for the info, I think some of the issue was that I had not used all of the accounts recently, but it is hard with a store account to do so. I will definitely look into this more from the arbitration side, I have one late payment from 2018 but that was before I applied for most of these accounts so they knew about it. The only thing I did was keep requesting credit increases through their online page, but I kept getting approved, if anything it is their negligence in engineering the software that led to large available credit from them.
  14. They did the same thing to me, would it be worth filing a case? What kind of outcome did you get?
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