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  1. Hi. So, little background. Made mistakes about 9 years ago credit wise and due to situation let them sit until they fell off. On a whim I applied for a store card funded by Synchrony and was approved. Get my card and a letter in the mail stating, "Hey, due to your score we can't offer you the lower rate blah, blah". I'm like cool, I'm just building back, wiser than before and flip the page to see my score as 450 from TU on 8/27/19. I figured it would be bad but decided to get my free reports and also went to myFico to obtain my scores. Well, they're all a minimum of 210 -219 pts higher as of yesterday 9/6/19 to include all 3 bureaus. Why would this happen? Or is this some shady way to not offer the better rate? Anyways, I called all 3 bureaus to confirm and then proceeded to call Synchrony. My CS rep was as confused as I was and they are going to investigate. Generally, I'm just happy that my score is higher than anticipated but want to make sure that I'm not dealing with a scam company right off the bat in making the right credit choices this time around.

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