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  1. Hello everyone. Been lurking this forum for a while and well, I finally decided to ask for some help. Long story short, I was unemployed in mid 2013 and fell behind on several of my cards and honestly, I was young and stupid. 2 Citicards and 2 chase cards were charged off. Chase 1 - $887 // DOFD: 12/2013 // Last payment: 10/2013 Chase 2 - $1,949 // DOFD: 12/2013 // Last payment: 12/2013 CITI 1 - $1,829 // DOFD: 07/2013 // Last payment: 10/2013 CITI 2 - $1,767 // DOFD: 10/2013 // Last payment: 10/2013 Both chase cards stopped updating in my reports in 2015. As for my Citi cards, CITI 1 appears to still be with the OC and CITI 2 went to collection with Midland Funding. This is how it appears in my Equifax report. MIDLAND FUNDING LLC (CLOSED) - Original Balance: $1,682 // Current balance: $1,631 // Date Opened: Mar 31, 2016 // DOFD: Nov 01, 2013 TU and Exp are similar except for the DOFD. TU and Exp only provide the dates it will drop off my report, so I based my DOFD off of that to 7 years prior and got this: TU 10/2013 - Exp 08/2013. SOL in my state is 6 years and looks like 3/4 accounts will be past that next month. My Chase accounts haven't been updating since 2015, and I think it would safer to let those two ride out until it meets the exclusion dates. But both CITI and Midland are reporting monthly. Since it sppears that the DOFD for the Midland account is different on all three of my reports, is it safe for me to dispute the DOFD for the Midland account through the CRA and hope they can't verify the information and delete it? Worse case is that they update the TL, but since they are already reporting monthly, will it affect my FICO score? Also, should I poke the bear and dispute the DOFD for CITI, even though the info appears to be accurate? In addition, is there any particilar reason my original balance with Midland would go down $51 - (and the amount is different than what CITI charged off). Any input on this is appreciated. Thank-you

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