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  1. To get a free Duns number just apply or set up a starter vendor account with Quill, Uline, Grainger and pay on time. That payment experience will auto generate a file with D&B as they report to them.
  2. Are reports NAV provides a "overview" report and not a detailed report like Experian Biz? Also there have been quite a few accounts of NAV not reporting within the first 3 months to the CRAs. Is there a lag time with the subscription? If purchasing using the quarterly option, I would think they would want to report to the CRAs before its time to submit a second quarterly payment for services by a subscriber.
  3. There's no set # per se however 5 reporting to DB / EX Biz is generally the guideline. If you PG the TLs you can go right to the next tier. Many other factors will come into play on approvals such as years in business, risk factor (business type), number of employees, monthly spend and so on. Depends on the vendor your applying for. As you read through the walk-throughs you'll start to get a sense of what to expect for each type of vendor.
  4. Welcome. Did you make your initial purchases yet with the TLs you opened? If so, pay them according to terms established, let them report and follow up with Quill and Uline. You may want to check out the newbie threads to follow the paths of others. Right now you are establishing yoiur teir 1 TLs before you qualify for teir 2 apps. You can skip a step and PG if your personal credit is good and willing to go that route.
  5. Congrats!!!! Why were you surprised by the Wex approval? Also are Sunbelt, Amsterdam and MSC reporting. Have heard Amterdam and MSC stopped.
  6. Do you have a website and are you listed in 411? Other than that with only 2 TLs you most likely wouldnt have a Paydex score yet either. Seems they didnt see enough info on you on the webs. Will probably have to go the 3 order route first like they make some do.

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