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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm kind of at my wit's end with 2 medical collections on my report. They are both from a single ER visit in 2015 that they claim I made. I have disputed them repeatedly, but they keep coming back as validated. I disputed with the CFPB, which did absolutely nothing. I also hired a credit repair outfit who sent countless letters, all of which resulted in them coming back as valid debts. The two companies are debt collectors for a physicians group that the hospital contracts with, and the hospital itself. They both sent itemized bills as a result of the letters that the credit repair people sent. However the item on the hospital bill just says "ER Level 3, $889," and the one from the collector for the physicians group just says "Emergency Evaluation & Management Services - $424.00". I doubt either of those constitute HIPAA violations. So I'm pretty lost as to what to do now. I have read WhyChat's site, but given where I am in the process because of the credit repair people (who I wound up firing because it was clear they were just going to send the same letters over and over), I need to see what I can do from here, if anything at all. Any advice would me appreciated.

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