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  1. Awesome! That's great to hear. Keep doing what you're doing.
  2. Thanks for the updates like others have said. That is a HUGE score bump that you got for your wife. Well done.
  3. I woulda just applied for the Venture instead of Venture One and see if that AF would be waived for the first year. Just be very careful with whatever products you pick to apply from them with your scores. And tip, anything that has "One" in the title as far as CapOne products go, like Quicksilver One is a big red flag to avoid because the AF will eat up a lot of the benefits you would have gained from using said card or there's some other catch like what you experienced here with the lower starting limit outside of what others have mentioned about the subprime cell.
  4. Virtual office and website are DEFINITELY worth it. Even a private street address is also worth looking at if you don't have the money right now for a VO. That's what I did for one of mine and I just pay $60 every three months for it. For all my sites, I had to do them all myself, writing the content, SEO, designing the sites, etc, but it was worth it. Don't skip out on those. And believe it or not, even having a toll free number can also make you look more credible for business credit and for your LLC as a whole though I'm still using just a Google Voice number for now. After you do all that, see if you can set up your Google My Business account and get your site listed on as many directories as you can. There's a service called Thryv that makes all this super easy that I just pay $59 a month for. The trick with that though is that whatever address you use, the office has to be staffed and people have to be able to visit. Some virtual office companies have a lot of that available, but others are more bare bones and basic. Do your due diligence there and see what's right for you. Otherwise, you can get your listing suspended. You can also just use your residential address for now on that end, get it verified, and then change it to a service area until you're able to have the capital to rent an office or whatever, though in your case, you made it clear you don't need any brick and mortar stuff for your situation. It's okay to put a little bit more investment there because once you start getting leads and stuff from your website and the marketing you do there, it will be even more feasible IMO to continue on with biz credit stuff. Also make sure you actually have a company email (info@yourbusiness.com or something like that) and not just a Gmail or whatever. That's also very important not just in making your business even more credible to customers, but it just also makes you look better for business credit too. Hope this helps. I'm just beginning this biz credit journey, but learned a lot from trial and error and wanted to save you some time if I could.
  5. They shoulda just gotten themselves a few tradelines and stuck with that. Getting TWO cars right out of BK? Really? And at that horrible APR. Get outta here. Talk about learning nothing from the experience. Makes me sick.
  6. If your personal is looking decent and you don't have any major derogs, it's gonna be easier to get some of those revolving business credit lines, but they will ask for a personal guarantor. The other way around that is to just go for the Net 30 accounts first, like from Grainger, Uline, Quill, and Summa Office Supplies and ones like that. Some people I've seen here have had great luck getting approved for the fuel and gas business cards as well. I heard that Capital One Spark isn't a bad one to look into, but it will report to your personal credit as well. I've been trying as much as possible to avoid PG when doing all this and since I'm still repairing my personal.
  7. Great information here. I've had my own business for a few years, but it was only recently that I decided to file for an LLC and getting all that ready. I have two LLCs that are completely mine and already on record with the SOS. There's also another one that I created with my dad, and so far, with net 30, I've been able to get approved for Summa Office Supplies at least. I have net 30 terms with Amazon Business, but found out that they don't report at all. I tried Quill, but they told me that I'd need to have the account open for a few months and make at least $100 in purchases online w/ business debit card, even though I did buy some envelopes with their net 30 invoicing. Grainger told me that I could apply after January 8th, and I wasn't as sure about Uline yet. I tried for a few other net 30 accounts like from Office Depot and some fuel cards, but they were either denied or they wanted me to try a PG. I also did create my Dun and Bradstreet number a few days ago.
  8. Letters from Experian and Transunion about my dispute results, my new business debit card from BoA, and that's about it.
  9. Not a huge milestone or anything, but was instant approved for the Ollo Platinum Mastercard for this preapproval I was offered. Really was interested in the free FICO score they give on there the most, but it's also one of the first unsecured bank cards I've been approved for 4 months post BK discharge and it's been since late August, early September that I had even attempted to apply for anything at all, so roughly 3-4 months at this point. $500 and they pulled TU and EX, both sitting at 634 right now. Tried for a few other tradelines, and was declined (of course with Barclays no pull cause of blacklist, Capital One was declined and it was one of their rewards cards, and I think I got 7-10 day message on this other one I wanted and that was it), so quickly just stopped and gonna give it several more months. Tried for Amazon Prime Store Card which I had before and that I'd use a lot because I shop there all the time, but no pull and no go there either. Synchrony cited the BK as the reason for the denials.
  10. In other words, a giant who cares. Can't imagine what they are even using these cards for in the first place other than making themselves feel better than everyone else.
  11. DCU sucks anyway. Wise choice to kick em to the curb. Trust me. I was scammed online and it was just a nightmare dealing with them on the matter. They closed my account anyway permanently, so I cut my losses and moved on. Going to also look into those other sources of free FICO scores. I found that the one on Penfed from a few months ago is pretty accurate for Equifax now and I've gotten 100x better customer service from them too for a credit union.
  12. Been a few months since I've posted. Been in the real "garden" unlike many of them. For the most part, no new inquiries for me since early September, and still don't see much I'd want to apply for. Since I'm also still in the process of credit repair (so far so good, some of my accounts are starting to come off and round 2 was sent out a few weeks ago) and developing my business credit (and working on my own businesses and helping out a friend with his), I just wanna let the stuff that I have now do the job and keep it up. There's only 1 or 2 cards I'd even want at all right now, and that's that. Man these MyFico people are out of their mind. There's a few pages on there that actually have decent information only to be ruined by the moronic, impulsive posts I don't miss whatsoever. What else have I missed?
  13. Another Credit Scum preapproval I threw in the trash. Oh yeah, this was yesterday. I have no idea what I'm going to get today. Lol.
  14. I went back and saw that. Good tip on the PO Box. That's why a lot of the steps here may seem straightforward, but there's a bit more to it than people would suggest. Not only found some in my area, but a company that also offers a private mailbox service where I can get another physical street address too. Will that also possibly work? Then, as you said, I'll go back, update all my current CC accounts with this new information and go from there. I really wanted to dispute in writing this time for the addresses instead of calling them, though at least TU didn't put up such a fight when I went that route. With LN, I was gonna call them up again today and double check to see if they received my opt out request or not.

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