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  1. Why Chat, thank you! For clarification, I send the dispute letter to the CRAs and then when I've received a response, that's when I send the hospital the $160 with HIPAA letter insert "a" (not concurrently)? The bill will be the physical copy of the one I got in April? And if the hospital is a subsidiary of a hospital system, do I send it to the local HIPAA compliance director at the hospital or to the corporate office? Just wanted to make sure I'm not going to make any missteps. Thanks in advance!
  2. Correction! The bill that was sent to me by the hospital was $160. Sorry for the confusion, made a typo.
  3. Hello there, I've read many of the posts on the forums, including those from WhyChat, whom I would welcome input from, and would like advice on my specific situation. Just to preface this, I had a medical collections placed on my credit report just five days ago with Transunion, Equifax and Experian, by what looks to be Transworld Systems. On my credit report, they're listed as: Experian: Account name: Transworld Systems Original creditor: the hospital Status: closed Amount: $160 Date opened- May 2019 Date updated- August 2019 Equifax: Account name: (nothing) Original creditor: (nothing) Status: closed and unpaid Amount: $160 Date opened- May 2019 Date updated- August 2019 Comment: Medical Transunion: Account name: (the hospital) Original creditor: (the hospital) Status: open Amount: $160 Date opened- May 2019 Date updated- August 2019 Comment: placed for collection So I had some physical therapy done around January with a hospital and received a bill early April 2019 for $179 after insurance adjustments. This was the first bill that I had received; prior ones apparently haven't gotten to me via mail (and the city where I live has widespread mail delivery complaints). I thought I had paid it (turns out, I discovered hadn't after scouring my credit card statements) and never heard from them again. I never heard anything that I was placed on collections, never received a notice via mail that I was placed on collections. So the first I heard from this was when I got the alert from Experian that an account was placed under collections. I called the hospital directly, explaining my situation, and they told me that they own the debt as the original creditors, they do not sell it to collection agencies, and the collection agency is the one who is assigned to collect the debt from me and does the reporting to the credit agencies. If the hospital takes payment from me, they will inform the collection agency that it is PIF. Because I received one bill from them (and acknowledged it, which I know I shouldn't have), my mailing issues are moot, even if I hadn't heard from the collection agency via mail and had no idea it was placed in collections (which they said was done in May 2019). I didn't receive notice from the hospital it was placed in collections, which they said they sent but I never received. They only recall collections accounts if I received a bill, which I had. I have NOT contacted the collection agency, fyi, and have not received any correspondence from them over this matter over the mail. What should I do next? I'm willing to pay the bills and NOT in financial distress. I otherwise have a perfect credit history since I became an adult and have always paid bills on time. My FICO8 credit score across all 3 CRAs was in the 740s before plummeting to the 640s-670s, which makes me livid. I also need to make a car purchase in less than a year.

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