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  1. I have one final thing left on my credit report to be free and clear for good. It was a secured card with Green Dot that got charged-off during a rough patch for $222. It is being collected by Total Card, Inc. I got a letter in the mail last week stating that their client (Green Dot) agreed to 3 monthly payments of $45 as full and final resolution. Following that they are also offering that if I make a one-time payment of $112 I could save more than I would with the first option. Obviously, I like the thought of being able to save more, but is taking this offer more beneficial than paying this off in full? Reason I ask this is I wanted to work on getting them to remove this blemish from my report and not sure which route I should go that would best tip the scales in my favor. If paying the full amount would be better I will do that, but if I can save money and still get the same result, that would be even better. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Update: Thanks for all of the help. I did as instructed and the collection agency wouldn't budge. So I sent the follow-up letter to the CRA's, but in anger I had an idea that I was going to bombard them with complaints from everywhere so I reached out to the BBB while I waited for the response back from the follow-up letters. Now, I'm not saying that this will work for everyone, but here's what happened. I filed the complaint and they told the BBB that they were sending validation letters to me from the original creditor. Obviously not what I wanted to hear so my response to that was that I would file a complaint and continue to complain to the CFPB if they did not remove the collections. I figured I had a leg up on this because they had made several mistakes in reporting this to my credit and I was right. They removed every last collection by the end up the following week.
  3. I have 3 medical bills on my TU and Exp reports. I had done the online dispute with TU, but not Exp because I did not realize they were on my Exp report until much later. Anyway, TU validated all three medical bills which are from the same CA. All 3 showed up this year. When I went to the hospital they agreed that if I paid a certain amount which I did, they would cover the other 70%. Turns out they didn't actually mean it and all of a sudden I'm in collections and they can't help. I just found out about the Hippa program and am wondering should I wait to start or can I go ahead and do so? If so It would be right on the heels of having already disputed and having gotten a response last month. Just want to be sure because I don't want to fail at this again. The hospital agreed they screwed me and did apologize, but there's is nothing they can do. As when they switched things over it didn't take into account the agreement that was in their system so I'm told. Any help is appreciated.

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