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  1. I'll know in a couple of months whether I'll need to file for bankruptcy, or whether I can pull things around. In the meantime, I'm not able to pay the minimum amounts on my credit cards. Is it best to at least pay something... say 25% of the minimum? And how long will that keep the credit card companies at bay (they're already calling on the phone 5 times a day - I'm not answering - after I paid a smaller monthly amount instead of the minimum about 6 weeks ago). If I go bankrupt, so be it. I don't need good credit for a loan, mortgage or new apartment. My situation is way past tightening my belt, getting a second income etc... I'm already doing everything possible (debt consolidation etc). Thanks for any advice on paying a smaller amount, and how long before they take the next step (and what would that be?) Thank you!

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