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  1. Hello Friends, I have a few questions and they may be basic but I still get confused on the companies that are Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 vs. Tier 3. Also how many Tier 1 accounts should you have reporting before going on to Tier 2 and so forth. Are fuel cards Tier 1, 2 or 3? I am assuming - Quill, Uline, Grainger, Strategic Network Solutions, Summa, Monopolize are all Tier 1? Does anyone know if there are anymore Tier 1 Net 30 besides these that reports. Tier 2 - Don't know who they are Tier 3 - Don'e know who they are
  2. I can't wait to hear all of your updates! It has been almost a year that this thread has been opened and I think I came some where around the middle of it all. I am making slow, but nonetheless progress towards my business credit goals. So far I have: Uline - Reporting Quill - Reporting Summa - Reporting Grainger - Will make first payment this month so hopefully it will start reporting for February I will be adding these over the next 1-2 months: HD Supply Works - approved for $1000 Strategic Network Solutions - $1000 Approval. Each time I try to place an order the site crashes on me. I Called, left a message no answer! I am hoping to have atlease 5 to 6 before the end of March or if not sooner.
  3. Yes with the gas card!!! $2500!!! That is AMAZING!!! I am just amazed at how well this is all working out for you. I am slowly trucking behind you. I keep reading your past post(along with others) and it keeps inspiring me to keep going. Thank you so much for checking in and answering my questions.
  4. OMG!!!! Congratulations...It hasn't even been a year since you started and you already have your first 10K card in addition to all the other ones. Since my last post I have Uline, Quill, and Supplyworks. I want to add on Summa and Strategic Network Solutions, but they honestly have the same stuff. Do you have to place an order with them each month for them to start reporting?
  5. I use WIX and I pay about 18 per month for web hosting. I purchased my domain name from Go Daddy about 2 yrs ago. The promotion I got from WIX was 50% off for adding an email to my domain name. I had to pay up the first year, but it was like 2.50 per month for 12 months which came to about $33 or if I wanted to pay it monthly it would have been like $5 per month. I just paid the $33. But they run monthly promotions ALL THE TIME! I hope that helps 🐵
  6. So, I was too anxious to wait for a reply so I went forward with a professional email account. My website provider was running a promotion for an email box and it was so cheap that I just created a new email account. I took it as a sign...LOL. Anyway, I applied for Uline and Quill and so far I got approved for Quill still waiting on ULINE. I will keep you posted.
  7. Random question....what email address did you guys use when applying for your Net 30 accounts. Did you use a professional email with a professional domain name (ex: jdoe@companyname.com) or did you use something like a basic gmail account with your business name in it (ex: companyname@gmail.com) or does it even matter? I want to start applying to accounts ASAP and want to ensure that I have the best chance possible of getting approved. Thanks

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