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  1. UPDATE; Applied for Wex card and was approved! WAS SHOCKED! so this will be my second fuel card. Important Driver Information Thank you for submitting your driver and vehicle information.
  2. Hey fellow Bizz Owners; here is my journey so far; (Bizz is a 14 mo old, DUNS#, bizz add, bizz 800 #, bizz email, EIN, bizz bank acct, website, 411, verified by google bizz for SEO's, yelp, manta, bing, yahoo) Approved for Quill, Summa, Sunbelt, Fuelman, Amsterdam, and MSC<<is it true these last 2 not reporting..(waitin on paydex score...just did my 3rd quill order, in 90 days and will pay inv end of mo..all others have at least 1 pmt experience in already..) DENIED, Uline, Grainger (wants 3+ orders paid upfront) also Dell & Staples<didnt realize those were tier
  3. I just read all 64 pgs of this thread , (took a cpl dayz) and the only REAL problem I see is that it STOPPPED being UPDATED! What gives ppl? Come on... We all knw its new/updated reqi to get these accts frm tier 1 to higher tier's with & without PG. Hey BRBbiz, lets keep it goin
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