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  1. Credit Update: Business started June 2019 Summa Office Supplies Quill Uline Grainger UPS Supply Works (Home Depot Institutional) Nav Honda Power Equipment Sunbelt Rentals Conoco Fleet Universal Card I was denied by Lowes and Amazon net 55. Going to use some of my newer tradelines like Conoco and Honda, wait for them to report, then try again.
  2. For Supply Works I got the same email, but a couple days later I got a follow-up phone call requesting the docs. So be on the look-out! You applied for fuel cards before getting a paydex score? ballsy! I haven't applied for one yet because I was under impression you needed a paydex before they would approve. All the applications ask how many vehicles you have and how much you spend on fuel. Seeing as how I'm not a trucking company, I'm afraid they'd deny me if I just put 1 vehicle.
  3. You read that correct! I followed the instructions from their website and had cards shipped to me, and they can be used at any Home Depot. I just tested it out this past weekend, took it straight to checkout and it worked just like a normal credit card. I do recall that once I requested the cards I got an email from them requesting additional docs before they sent them. Nothing like PG or anything, but business docs. Now that I think of it, that was kinda of weird since they had already approved me for the account. I guess requesting the cards give you access to thousands of their Home
  4. Thanks for the explanation! I'm guessing this is more for banks and lending institutions than it is for store credit and net terms?
  5. https://www.supplyworks.com/info/propurchase As someone mentioned, it is now part of HD Pro. You can use it on the supplyworks website OR in homedepot stores. It doesn't work for homedepot.com however.
  6. I forgot to mention I have the Well's Fargo Platinum Business card (with PG) but that hasn't reported at all since I got it months ago which is a huge bummer.
  7. So far I've been approved for Uline, Quill, Summa, UPS, Supply Works, and Grainger. I have reporting only Summa and Uline though. This month will be my 3rd month making Quill purchases, so I expect next month Quill should start reporting. Also I just got the Supply Works and Grainger approvals last week, so I will make some purchases and hopefully those report next month. I'll update in a month or two with results. UPS hasn't reported, but for some reason my autopay was paying the invoices same-day, so maybe that was the issue there. OH, and big news: Nav.com just
  8. I have a Business credit card from them, I've heard that their secured card reports to the CRA, but what about their unsecured card? I cant seem to find any info on that.
  9. So you applied to supplyworks without any tradelines and got approved? Do you mind sharing how much you requested? I'm just getting started with business credit and have applied for several places. So far I've been approved for Quill, Uline, and Summa Office Supplies. I got rejected from Gemplers and Digikey. I found out from epromos rep that they will only send you a credit application after you've made 2 purchases of $250 or more. I was thinking I would apply for Seton next, but if Supply Works is tier 1 I will go for that. Thanks for sharing your journey!
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