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  1. Moderators please move this if i have it in the wrong forum. Thanks. I have apx $33000 (almost 100% utilization) credit debt. I owe $169000 of a $176000 home loan. Apx 2.5 years into a 30 year mortgage. $20000 for 2 car loans. $15k on the one i drive and $5k on the one my girlfriend drives. One loan ends in 10 months the other 22 months. No other assets or liabilities. No savings no investments no 401k nothing. Income is $1000 (take home) per week and i am currently living paycheck to paycheck. Like literally paycheck to paycheck without even enough to buy food or clothing. My girlfriend covers day to day expenses. $1400 mortgage $1000 car loans $1000 Credit minimum payments $500-600 Cell Phone/Internet/Electric/Gas/Insurance I keep getting offers in the mail from companies like Meridian that claim they will roll my mortgage and credit card debt into a new loan with a lower interest rate. My credit score has dropped from 780 to 660 over the last two years due to (i assume) maxing the cards out. Is this a legitimate offer? Why would they "help" me? What are my real options for eliminating the credit card debt?

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