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  1. I took your advice and didn't apply for the new loan. I have been on a budget for a long time. The problem is that i didn't adjust the spending when the incoming money changed. My brother was living with me for years. He unexpectedly died within months of moving into the house. Then my gf immediately lost her job and spent a year "looking". Instead of hitting the brakes and creating a new budget i just pulled out the plastic...until it was all gone. Depression sprinkled with avoiding confrontation and my own health issues made for a fast moving nightmare. I am not a tourist...i only leave town for work, i dont have any expensive vices...no drugs drinking smoking gambling etc i dont own a motorcycle or boat. Our biggest expense was whole foods and a $50 a day vegan diet for my ex girlfriend. I eat carrots from the regular grocery store...she drove 45 minutes to pay 3 times as much. The rest of your advice was great but i just got hit with a lot all at once. At 45 this is the first time i have been in this situation and the first time i have had a credit score this low. And now that i am finally healthy enough to take a second job my options are delivering COVID-19 around for the local pizza place or taking up one of those "get rich working from home" guys up on their email offer.
  2. I was obviously kidding. If i lost my car now i would be screwing myself. I wouldn't be able to get a decent interest rate. I would end up paying $7000 for a $3000 car that i don't know the service history of.
  3. Thats exactly what happened. I lost money coming in when my brother died unexpectedly. Then my gf lost her job for a year and finally i had surgery reducing my own income by $1500 a month. I fell into the plastic trap. My utility bills are always low. Never above $125 gas/electric. The house was remodeled and is relatively efficient. I haven't had "TV" service in 2 decades. I have a $50 a month internet package. It started as $20 but went up to $50 after the promo. I have a plex login from a friend and prime video.
  4. She did live with me (17 years) but not anymore. I have had a budget for 20 years. The primary issue for me is that i had my brother living with me/contributing $ for years. I bought a new house (that actually reduced my monthly spending by $500) and he got sick and died a couple of months later. Then my gf lost her job...for a year. So all of a sudden the money coming in was reduced by $2000+ every month. I went from zero credit card debt Dec 2016 to 30k by dec 2018. I actually reduced spending by $1000 a month but it doesn't help when you lost twice that. It has been a wild ride since Early 2017.
  5. The girlfriend is gone along with her car payment. I see people say "sell your car" a lot buy i wonder how many have tried it. I think if you got a really good deal on one or had a specific car that people really like its easier but my car with its current mileage would sell for less than i owe. With my ever dropping credit score i dont think it makes sense to ditch a loan with 1.9 financing for one with 20+. I would love to get rid of it. I leave the doors unlocked hoping someone will steal it.
  6. FFWD to today.... I ended up not doing anything back in August. 2 months later my income was reduced to apx $2500 take home because i was out a lot after having major surgery. That gave me enough to pay my mortgage and car payment. My ex began contributing $1200 a month until she moved out last month. I haven't paid a credit card bill since October. Accounts are being closed. My now EX girlfriends car is paid off and i owe apx $7500 on the remaining vehicle. This month i am finally going to be earning $4000 take home again but who knows for how long. The company i work for sells toys to rich people. After the housing market problem a decade ago all of our clients quit spending money for a year and a half. While we currently have projects lined up who knows what will happen by the 4th quarter or Q1 2021. I may be right back to earning less or nothing at all. As of today i am just about fully recovered from surgery and earning more again. Things have obviously changed for me so here are the new stats. Mortgage: $1490 Car loans: $7500 (1 vehicle with pay off date of May 2021 Medical Bills: $5000 Cell Phone/Internet/Electric/Gas/Insurance: $300
  7. Moderators please move this if i have it in the wrong forum. Thanks. I have apx $33000 (almost 100% utilization) credit debt. I owe $169000 of a $176000 home loan. Apx 2.5 years into a 30 year mortgage. $20000 for 2 car loans. $15k on the one i drive and $5k on the one my girlfriend drives. One loan ends in 10 months the other 22 months. No other assets or liabilities. No savings no investments no 401k nothing. Income is $1000 (take home) per week and i am currently living paycheck to paycheck. Like literally paycheck to paycheck without even enough to buy food or clothing. My girlfriend covers day to day expenses. $1400 mortgage $1000 car loans $1000 Credit minimum payments $500-600 Cell Phone/Internet/Electric/Gas/Insurance I keep getting offers in the mail from companies like Meridian that claim they will roll my mortgage and credit card debt into a new loan with a lower interest rate. My credit score has dropped from 780 to 660 over the last two years due to (i assume) maxing the cards out. Is this a legitimate offer? Why would they "help" me? What are my real options for eliminating the credit card debt?

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