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  1. In the last month I have gotten a few CLI's from Sync and Comenity store cards. Also picked up 1 more card. 0% on purchases and BT's for 15 months, It had a 2k SL which allowed me to BT the balances from the rest of my horrible cards i got when my score was horrible. It had a 4% BT fee but ill save that in a month with the fees and interest from the bottom feeder cards gone. Score took a hit this month with all the new accounts and the 2 BT cards reporting nearly maxed out as well as the balances they paid off still reporting. But thats alright, it will rebound in the near future, I only have a few car payments left, once its paid off i can put a real dent in the rest of my debt.
  2. Well i had a pre approval from Citi for 0% for 9 months so i said screw it and applied... Approved with a measly $500 limit, not exactly what i was looking for but no interest and no fees for the transfer. im hoping i can do this over and over with the 500 and save a little money but im not sure... good news is they only pulled EQ I also decided to look at the apple card, went through the pre qualification on my phone and was approved for 4k, Sure wish citi would have given me that limit. I havent gotten any notifications yet for a hard pull from this application but we will see. Im not sure if the apple card is even reporting to any of the bureaus yet, if they arent hopefully soon. I also managed 2 big CLI's on cards with high utilization, I only have 1 card left over 68% which will be under that mark next statement. I think i may be done with apps for awhile and see what CLIs i can get. Im hoping Disco will give me some love once i get past 90 days. Ive spent about 10x my limit on it in the 2 months ive had it paying in full weekly. I got the funds from prosper yesterday and immediately paid off the 25% loan Ive taken HUGE steps forward compared to where i was a year ago, cant wait to see what next year brings.
  3. I ended up applying with Prosper this morning to try to get rid of the 25% loan. Applied this morning, approved this afternoon. Money will be in my account in 1-4 business days. 11.5% for 3 years, In comparison to my old loan my monthly payment will go up 7 dollars and will be paid off 14 months earlier saving me roughly $3500 over the life of the loan. Plus i will be able to sell the boat, This is a huge win for me, next step is to knock down my CC utilization some more and hopefully get a 0% BT card to knock out that debt out.
  4. Finally got a response Application was denied due to high DTI so back to the original question of where to go from here. I have roughly 7k in CC debt and a little over 9 on that loan all of this is subprime in the 20-30% range. my main objective is to get this all paid off as soon as possible at as low of a rate as possible not sure if i mentioned it earlier but the loan is secured with a boat that now has major mechanical issues that i will not be fixing at this time. The boat is still worth 3-4k as it sits. So it would be very beneficial to me get rid of the loan and sell the boat. any suggestions are welcomed thank you for all your help and criticism so far.
  5. Interesting info, I didn't even think of that. The CU Im dealing with is roughly the same size so it makes perfect sense. Luckily for me waiting this long really doesn't effect what i am trying to accomplish, I wouldn't be happy if this was a time sensitive matter.
  6. Well 3 business days have come and gone since i sent the info the credit union requested and haven't heard anything back. They had a black Friday loan sale that ended yesterday, only thing i can imagine is they were waiting for that to be over to make decisions. Who knows though, just weird to me that an establishment who has given almost instant decisions in the past has drug this one out for over a week. Some good news though, when making my paypal credit payment i hit the luv button and recieved a CLI for over double my current limit. Which took my utilization for 85% to 40%
  7. I already have one made up with everything i owe down to the penny. This also includes totals on minimum monthly payments etc... I applied for the payoff amount of the 25% personal loan i currently have plus a couple hundred extra dollars. I didnt add any of the credit card debt into this. Im hoping to be able to qualify for a 0% BT card in the near future to knock that debt out quickly.
  8. Got an email from the Lender last night asking for pay statements and info on what i was planning to consolidate/refinance. will update when i hear more.
  9. My father did not want to join, I never bothered with an application. I will have to look into it further after reading the last couple replys
  10. I haven't pushed at all, I will give them time to do their job. The two times I've used them in the past it was a simple phone call and asked to come in to a branch to do paperwork, done deal in a few hours. They were also a lot smaller of an operation back then, I guess i was expecting something similar this time. If i dont hear anything by the end of the week i will give them a call.
  11. I understand what you're saying here, it makes perfect sense, I still haven't heard a word from them, good or bad. No email confirmation that i submitted an application, just silence. Heck the only reason i know anything has happened is all the notifications i received from the hard pull. I guess it just irritates me that I couldn't even get a in person appointment, or even an automated email saying " hey we received your application, we will reach out to you within X amount of business days". Especially when their whole selling point on their website is basically come give us you're business and experience the credit union difference where you're more than just a number.
  12. That was my thought as well, ill be impatiently waiting, What bothers me is i actually spoke with the loan dept on the phone before applying to make sure they were aware of the purpose of the loan and to try to set up an in person appointment. I was told to just apply online and to expect a phone call shortly after to give them more info, which i never received.
  13. fico got up to 684 after my last payments for the month reported. I went ahead and applied for a debt consolidation loan from the local CU. I applied on Wednesday and haven't heard anything back as of yet, I will report back when i hear from them but i dont have a very good feeling after two business days of silence.
  14. Are there any specific BT cards you would recommend?
  15. The BT card is what I've been hoping for but haven't found one yet, all ive tried for are cards with pre-approval sites.

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