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  1. I already have one made up with everything i owe down to the penny. This also includes totals on minimum monthly payments etc... I applied for the payoff amount of the 25% personal loan i currently have plus a couple hundred extra dollars. I didnt add any of the credit card debt into this. Im hoping to be able to qualify for a 0% BT card in the near future to knock that debt out quickly.
  2. Got an email from the Lender last night asking for pay statements and info on what i was planning to consolidate/refinance. will update when i hear more.
  3. My father did not want to join, I never bothered with an application. I will have to look into it further after reading the last couple replys
  4. I haven't pushed at all, I will give them time to do their job. The two times I've used them in the past it was a simple phone call and asked to come in to a branch to do paperwork, done deal in a few hours. They were also a lot smaller of an operation back then, I guess i was expecting something similar this time. If i dont hear anything by the end of the week i will give them a call.
  5. I understand what you're saying here, it makes perfect sense, I still haven't heard a word from them, good or bad. No email confirmation that i submitted an application, just silence. Heck the only reason i know anything has happened is all the notifications i received from the hard pull. I guess it just irritates me that I couldn't even get a in person appointment, or even an automated email saying " hey we received your application, we will reach out to you within X amount of business days". Especially when their whole selling point on their website is basically come give us you're business and experience the credit union difference where you're more than just a number.
  6. That was my thought as well, ill be impatiently waiting, What bothers me is i actually spoke with the loan dept on the phone before applying to make sure they were aware of the purpose of the loan and to try to set up an in person appointment. I was told to just apply online and to expect a phone call shortly after to give them more info, which i never received.
  7. fico got up to 684 after my last payments for the month reported. I went ahead and applied for a debt consolidation loan from the local CU. I applied on Wednesday and haven't heard anything back as of yet, I will report back when i hear from them but i dont have a very good feeling after two business days of silence.
  8. Are there any specific BT cards you would recommend?
  9. The BT card is what I've been hoping for but haven't found one yet, all ive tried for are cards with pre-approval sites.
  10. Quick update.Score was 668 with 3 cards reporting over 88.9 at the beginning of the month. All three of those cards are below that mark, one being under 68.9% I have also paid a few others off completely and paid one or two others below their next utilization threshold. Paypal Credit started reporting, it was near maxed out but has been paid down to around 80% Total utilization is right at 35% Im not using any credit cards besides the discover which I am using for the rewards and paying in full weekly. My plan is to call my local credit union as soon as that last card reports around a week from now, hoping these changes gained me a few points and I can refinance some of it not all of my debt at a much lower interest rate.Wish me luck
  11. 1. Yes i have paper reports, Everything looks accurate to me 2. Flagstar Bank is the current holder of the loan. 3. Most recent late is from early 2018. I dont have the reports in front of me but i want to say May
  12. Quick Update Good news. TU Fico 08 sits at 665 so ive seen a 36 point jump in a few months time. The collection is gone, the lates from C1 are gone. Sitting at 40% utilization on revolving Still have a couple accounts over 80% but im getting very close to being under that mark. I had a closed comenity card with a balance, this has now been paid in full. I got my foot in the door with Discover, crappy starting limit but hopefully it will grow unlike the trash cards i currently have. I wont be applying for any other credit I have enough cash in savings to deal with an emergency The bad. I forgot about several 30 lates from a closed chase mortgage that was sold. I didnt see them on the CK report but they are definitely there on the real reports. From the research ive done it looks like im most likely stuck with these until they fall off. Still have the 25% personal loan. I haven't bothered with trying my credit union yet. I know 640 is the minimum score for them to approve you but i want to be a little higher than i am now before trying. I have done a few of the soft pull pre approvals for online personal loans. they've come back with better rates than what i have now but nothing close to making me want to pull the trigger. Now i get to deal with call after call from these clowns. It was a no go with NFCU
  13. Thanks for the help. I doubt i can talk him into joining but its worth a shot. A little update on everything: The late payments have been deleted according to credit karma. Somehow my FAKO score dropped about 50 points with the only thing changing being balance decreases and late payments falling off LOL. We will see what fico says when i get my monthly update in a few days. The AU card hasnt posted yet, the statement is cut the 13th so i assume i will see that show up after that. The collection was due to fall off this month, just not sure what date, cant wait to see that gone.
  14. The collection is due to fall off in August so hopefully my score jumps a bit with that, the late payments gone and the revolving debt % decreased a bit. As for Navy Federal I have never been associated with the military, my father is a Vietnam vet not sure if that would get me in or not. I have been a member of a local CU for probably 20 years. I know they require a 640 score to be considered for a loan, their rates dont look great when browsing online but its somewhere to start. As for an emergency fund I dont have a ton but enough to cover most things that would pop up unless something catastrophic would happen to the house. Payday loans will not happen ever again, I dont even want to know how much money ive given those people while i was stuck in that cycle. Refinancing that personal loan is my #1 goal as of now, taking care of the rest of my CC debt is #2 on the list. Any idea on what rate i should be looking for once it gets to the point where i can refinance this loan? Any other pointers would also be appreciated, This financial mess has been going on too long, My scores were 70-100 points lower than they are now at the beginning of the year, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and dont want to make a wrong move.

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