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  1. I had debilitating nerve pain shooting all throughout my back. To this day I have never felt pain like I did that day, it was a weekend too so I had no other choice but to get a scan immediately. I did not have insurance at the time so I assume that it is accurate. Trust me I wish this all could've been avoided. I have great health insurance now thankfully but if I should ever not have it I will totally take your advice LOL!
  2. I have a Sprint bill for 608 from early 2015 that went into collections at that time. However, I disputed the collections on all three CRAs. It was never reported to EQ or Experian. . On TOP of that the "date opened" on CK now reads as June 28, 2019. Sprint sold debt to Convergent who sold to ERC. ERC has had it for a couple of years now however and the date keeps shifting. My other collection in Transunion (medical) still shows the original date in 2015 so why is this different? Also, how do I go about getting this accurate and/or off? I don't want to mess up and have them report it to the other two bureaus it never got reported to. I'm wondering if the dispute I filed through CK restarted the SOL? I'm in ohio so I thought they could only do that legally if I acknowledged the debt in writing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. In 11/2015 I went to the emergency room and had some scans done due to nerve pain. I was placed in collections for 727. (I made a lot of n00b mistakes so bear with me) I disputed it through creditkarma and they validated the debt. I don't want to pay on it because its halfway through the process but I'm wondering if the fact that I already disputed it and all three CAs verified it if theres nothing left I can do. Creditor is Emergency Prof. Services. I have had no contact with the hospital or CA.

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