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  1. Because I’m not financially able to PIF a $5.7k medical debt left over from after insurance. They will definitely PFD. I just can’t make that happen at this point. I did’t want NFCU to see that negative right now as I’m new with them and trying to build and grow my cards and limits.
  2. Received alerts 6 days ago that a medical collection had been reported across the CRA’s and I was blindsided as I thought insurance handled it. It’s terrible timing because my NFCU comes up for review on the 23rd on. I took a major derog and score drop. I immediately disputed it with EX and EQ. I have an ongoing dispute with TU so I couldn’t dispute online. I called in the last three days multiple times to dispute over the phone. Each and every time she tells me she has my current report right there and there are NO collections on my report nor the CA I’m referring to. I’ve been told that for days now. Updated reports from CK, WalletHub, CreditWise, myFICO are all reporting it on TU as well as EQ, EX. I even bought another report an hour ago from myFICO and it is still there on TU with a decrease score confirming it. What do I do at this point? I can’t dispute from CK or anywhere bc of my pending dispute. TU doesn’t see it in house to dispute directly. It’s definitely my debt but how can all these third-party and myFICO report something TU directly says doesn’t exist according to multiple CSR’s? Score dropped 29 across all three bureaus. If I have to wait until my dispute is done to dispute then that could be 1-25 days from now depending on my current dispute to close. I don’t think it was removed by the CA because it’s still there on EQ, EX and they are typically the quickest for removals once a request to delete happens. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the advice and guidance. Will know better next time around. And you were correct that it was verified even though the status was still active. I sent a CMRRR a day beforeI knew it was verified so that opportunity got shot down.
  4. I submitted a dispute online for a public record on 11/17. Online status shows it’s still active. Does the day you submit dispute count as day 1 of the 30 day process? If so, today would make 30 days. And can I make a call to the dispute Dept telling them it’s over 30 days and to please delete? This would be a huge success if this public record would be removed at least from EQ. Thanks.
  5. Sorry I wasn’t very detailed. My primary payment account is my checking for my recurring payments. I made an additional payment mid cycle directly from my savings account to pay in full as I keep most of my funds in savings. I set up a payment account on cap 1 app to accept payment from my savings. Then I submitted a 3k payment from the app from the savings I just setup. 3 days later I was notified that you can’t make payments from a savings account and the payment was returned. I assumed you could make payment bc I had a routing and account number to savings. Each lender knows why it happened bc savings isn’t a transferable payment account to lenders, so they both told me anyways. So I’m stuck with a negative factor on my CLI online document that a payment was returned and now get constant denials. Again this was an additional payment 10 days before the recurring due date. I was simply paying in full before my statement ended to have a $0 balance reported. Now my account is flagged as if I did something wrong. I guess a returned payment for any reason has consequences.
  6. Hi - I made an additional 3k payment before my auto draft payment from my checking through my credit union savings account two months ago. I did not know I couldn’t make a transfer payment though savings until I was notified by cap one it was returned. My payment wasn’t late nor was it insufficient funds, just additional towards my outstanding balance. Just straight an account that was non-transferable. I want a CLI but every time my denial says “ A payment was recently returned in this account.” Just got off the phone explaining it to an account specialist for 15 minutes and got absolutely nowhere. I have no idea how long I’ll be flagged for that. I always max out and pay in full before due date, never late. Can someone provide me a good email for the executive office or someone with authority who could initiate looking into helping me? Any contact info would be so helpful. Thank you.

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