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  1. Plus I'd much rather hear what LegalEagle has to say on the matter anyways since he has helped me up to this point but your input isn't going to go unheard.
  2. What should I say to the attorney then? That's what my second question was. You singled in on my first question, which is I now know is false, so I'm asking you kind people for any help on the matter.
  3. Just a quick update here! I still haven't had my case assigned to someone over at AAA. But the PRA attorney has reached out to me because they received my arbitration letter and he wants to talk to me about the case. Should I just ignore him until I have an attorney through AAA? Or should I tell him over the phone I won't talk to him until I have an attorney present? Thank you so much for your help so far, Eagle.
  4. Sorry for double replying. Just want to be super sure about all of this. I should send the letter of arbitration you posted in the pin and then wait for a response from PRA. AND then file with AAA? It will take me about a week to have the 200 dollars to file which is why I'm asking.
  5. They (PRA) still haven't sent me a letter of anything. Should I wait for that to come then proceed with this?
  6. Okay, I have quiet a long story. But first a few things about myself, I am still in college in my last semester currently. This credit line is from PayPal Bill Me Later and they put me in the negative from a random charge back a year ago or so and ever since I was in the negative and had "bad standing" I was NOT allowed to transfer money to my account so I wouldn't be able to pay on that credit line. (I know this really doesn't matter but it's still good to know I feel.) So I just haven't been paying on this debt for about a year plus now. It's at 1.6k. This amount does NOT show up on my credit report at all and has never since I've been delinquent on my account. My student loans show up and my other line of credit that I actually pay off does show up as well. So the company that now owns my account is Portfolio Recovery Associates. But they haven't reached out to me yet. The only correspondence I have gotten is just Synchrony (old) letting me know that PRA (new) has bought my account. What should my next plan of attack be? I know I will at some point have to pay off this debt in some fashion but that will absolutely not be able to happen until I graduate from college next year or have some extra money after my financial aid comes in the fall. I'm just looking for some hands on advice, I can supply any info y'all need. Thank you!

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