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  1. Results of the complaint with the CFPB was a long explanation of why their investigation was sufficient for what was required of them and the complaint was closed. Collection accounts remain.
  2. This is what Experian said about my dispute: The dispute for the account with C B S that starts with 1XXXXXXX was not changed as a result of our processing of your dispute.The company that reported the information has certified to Experian that the information is accurate. Never heard from the CBS....
  3. September 24th, Experian disputes are now open. Your dispute should be completed by Oct 17, 2019.
  4. TransUnion finally removed the last 2 accounts! TransUnion now also clear of collections! Score jumped 43 points! Experian.... still haven't heard anything. They both did just receive the follow up disputes on the 16th.
  5. Sent follow up dispute to each CRA. Before they received them, I got a response from both Experian and TransUnion that both accounts were verified as accurate.
  6. In the following part of the medical DV, what does PM# mean or refer to? Your Name 123 Your Street Address Your City, ST 01234 ABC Collections 123 NotOnYourLife Ave Chicago, IL Date: _________ PM#____________ Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX To Whom It May Concern:
  7. Sorry, had a medical issue in August and it kinda put things in limbo for a moment for me. Everything turned out good as far as that goes! (Thank god!) I did mail the CRA's the initial dispute letters beforehand. Experian - The one paid account was removed. The two other accounts were verified and remain Equifax - all 3 accounts removed! YES! TransUnion - 2 accounts remain (Same ones on Experian report) The weird thing is that the 2 accounts that are on Experian and TransUnion are for the same amounts and for the same creditor, but are different CA's for each report? One is: Experian CREDIT BUISNESS SERVICES 711 EGLIN PKWY E. FORT WALTON BEACH, FL 32547 (866) 368 9887 The other is: TransUnion COLLECTION BUREAU OF FT WALTON BEACH PO BOX 4127 FT WALTON BCH, FL 32549-4127 (866) 368 9887 Same phone number though? Getting ready to send the CAs the medical DV letters. I am assuming I would send letters to each address per the CRAs they are reporting to. Would I include both account numbers in one letter? Or write 2 letters, one for each account?
  8. I have gotten the copies of my credit reportI have only medical derogatory entries on my credit reports and am going to try and get them removed. I had no insurance at the time and didn't apply for any assistance. They were all from an accident I had in Feb 2014. Experian: 3 collection accounts. 1 paid, the other 2 seem To be duplicates with different account numbers? Equifax: Same 3 accounts Transunion: Same 3 accounts plus 2 others I have gotten the 3 copies of my credit reports April 26, 2019. I have opted out and am preparing the letters to get old addresses (and a misspelling of my name) removed. I believe these can be regular printed letters, but I would like to confirm! My question is: Can this letter be typed and printed in regular ink? Or should this one be in blue ink and handwritten? Thank you for any guidance.

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