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  1. I will certainly give it a go and report back with any changes. Thanks!!
  2. Well I mean, I can't help it if that little voice in your head reads it one way while getting read differently by another. It's quite subjective you see, but if it floats the boats, sure. Sir yesir!
  3. I'm sorry. I cosigned for a parent. Not parents, my mistake. I will have to check on that but I cosigned for a parent. Thanks.
  4. God forbid IndyPoolPlayer has to cosign or joint credit with someone because we all know how responsible he/she is with their finances that they never need to help those in need, whether family or relatives. So responsible.
  5. I'm guessing waiting it out would be the best course for this situation and not do anything that'll triggering them to take some sort of action. I have numerous time but they're under the assumption that once you file for BK, you don't have to continue paying on the debt. So, either their lawyer is doing a crappy job explaining what they should be doing or something got lost in the communication transaction. Thanks. I'm just trying to figure out the best course of action to taken given the circumstances. I know there are thousands of cases like this, if not worse, out there.
  6. Yeah, trust me. I am definitely looking out for my best interest moving forward. You know those dumb things you (you as in general) do when you're young and naive? Yeah this is one of those cases. I made a mistake and now I'm moving forward with how things turned out and trying to make the best out of it. DOFD was September of 2018. SOL is 6 years (WI). No I have not communicate I writing but I suppose I can, for records I presume. Parents have the car and has 11k left on it, prob worth around there give or take a couple grand.
  7. Cut the attitude? I was just pointing out the obvious with how "helpful" and pointless your comment was. That's all. No need to go full keyboard warrior and get your butt hole tickled. Sheeeesh. Get's called out and "whines" about it.
  8. THANK YOU. God bless you and America.
  9. I only learned of the BK only after it has been filed and finalized or at least in the its very late stages. Glad things worked out for you, sounds like you went through lots of crap.
  10. Oh, I quite understand that a cosigner is liable if the primary isn't able to. That part I know, so to constantly repeat it over and over in the comment gets quite repetitive. My thing is, I haven't been called up to "step up to the plate." The bankruptcy filing ended back around January and it has been 6 months since and I have not heard back from creditors "ringing" on my door bell, figuratively speaking, demanding payment. Unless there is a grace period that I am not aware of before all hell lets loose. Yalls feel me?
  11. Oh hey, thanks for the obvious/already occurred event tip. Definitely wasted 5 seconds of my life I'll never get back reading your comment. Yes, please do follow your own advice and do not joint credit/cosign with your wife (or husband) and your kids. God forbid something happen to you either.
  12. Oh I am quite aware my consent is not needed nor do I have to know that a bankruptcy filling has been made. I am saying what FRUSTRATES or PISSES me off is that simple fact. That's all. Now, with all that being said, HOW or WHAT can I do to move forward. Or is waiting out the 7 years (no sweat, not like I don't need my credit for anything) my only option? We can sit here all day and debate whether I'm liable or not liable or go back forth on something that's already settled and stated, but I'm just here to seek solution on how to move forward.
  13. Thanks for the tip! Honestly, it's been over 2 years since I've signed my life (credit) away so I can't quite remember. I do know for a fact that the car has not been repossessed yet and they are not obligated to continue to pay into the vehicle unless they want the title, is my understanding. Again, not a lawyer or expert on bankruptcy filings so I'm just going off the information given to me. I will check out what you posted. Thanks.
  14. I am aware that I am just as liable for their debt. My question is, how do I move forward given the above information. I tried to use them but they ended up "declining" to assist me. So nothing really ended up happening. Good to know though. Communicate more or less word of mouth though I mean, they're my parents so words get thrown back and forth.
  15. Hello Everyone, So I'm in a bind and honestly do not know what to do and feel like I've exhausted all options. I'm hoping I can get some advice on what to do. Long story short, I co-signed a vehicle loan for my parents, out of the goodness of my heart which I now regret with every atom in my body and being young, dumb, and naive at the time. Fast forward 2 years later, they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without my knowledge or consent and the loan was written as a charged off. The vehicle is still in their possession but they don't have the title since it's still being held onto by the bank. My credit score prior to their filing was in the high 770s with no bad mark whatsoever and everything paid on time and responsibly. The 'Charged Off' is now listed on my credit score and keeps showing up as 'Payment Late' month after month even though their bankruptcy was processed and closed back in January. I assume that since their bankruptcy has been settled, no further payment would be made unless they wanted the title, obviously not the case. I've tried calling and speaking with the bank who gave the loan to see if a deal could be worked out where if the balance was paid off in full, would they remove the remark or do something. They refused. I've tried getting in contact with the lawyer who assisted my parents with the bankruptcy filling to get more information since it involved me and have failed numerous attempts to contact him, either busy, with a client, or no pick-up. I've tried using Credit Repair companies like SkyBlue and they advised not to do anything, sending cease and desist letter in fear of me getting used for the debt. What frustrates me the most is how my parents don't care what they've done to me and are fine with how things turned out, them relieving themselves of their debt and not paying on their vehicle, while I suffer the consequences of their actions. I've tried to reason or plea my case but it's not like they can do anything right now or they just shrug it off. Please give me some options on how to proceed or if waiting 7 years for the mark to fall off is the only solution. Thank you.

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