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  1. I had a US Bank checking account in 2013. I became ill and was off work due to treatment. The account became overdrawn for mostly overdraft fees and a small balance on a cash advance. i filed Chapter 13 in 2014 and was just about finished paying. Unfortunately, the trustee raised my payments and While I pay, the payments are sometimes a couple of days late. Since a payment was received late during Doomsday, my bankruptcy is going to be dismissed. US Bank was one of the last creditors to be paid. I called US Bank to get the balance due, which is very doable for me to pay after the dismissal. US Bank told me that even if I pay it, once it’s dismissed, it would still be reported to ChexSystems AGAIN even though the account is 6 years old. i called ChexSystems and think I was routed to an out of country call center. It was apparently reported and removed once I filed Chapter 13. The rep told me US Bank can’t submit again. Can anyone shed any light on this? All my major creditors have been paid with the 30K I already paid in.. The ones left, I can handle on my own. I really just don’t want to be reported to ChexSystems for an account from 6 years ago.

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