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  1. So I’ve been reading the boards here and ordered myself a Secured 300$ Card, opened up a personal lender 12 month loan plan. my credit score is 480, I have some things ruining my credit 2 medical bills in collection agencys Phoenix Financial Services 1.5k Medical Data Systems 1K There is no way I owe 1.5k, all I remember is going to the ER and the doctor came in to check on my back, all he did was push on my back a bit, I had hurt my back that day, then gave me some ibuprofen. No idea what the other 1K one is. Then I have the real hurter Discover Finiacial Services, 800$, Charge Off’s filed each month for years. I had a discover card, I paid it on time for 2 years, then I couldn’t afford it and it started doing C/O’s, What do I do with this one? Anyway to pay them to delete the COs? I have to wait 3 more years for it to fall off my report. Any other cards I should try to get, or credit building things? I think my best bet is to wait out discover, and try to follow the HIPAA thing with the medical things I am kinda bitter with discover, I had a 500$ limit I spent all 500$, but paid each month on time, but the interest or late fees whatever it was, I gave them like 500$ back already, but could never get it back to 500/500$ now I owe them 800$ sigh

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