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  1. OK, thanks! It just caught my eye because I went from a 726 with a very low risk score, and then 6 points higher with a "good" rating. Thanks! I actually just recently joined the 700 club just in time for a new mortgage
  2. Did anyone else notice this change between yesterday and today?
  3. I got the # of their tech services dept (1-800-493-2392) and the guy took my email address and told me not to log in for 24 hours and he will have their IT dept find out why it's not working. I'll update tomorrow.
  4. Not true, I have someone elses collections showing up on my TU from parking tickets, Online dispute removed them in a few days. Phone and Snail mail alerts have done nothing this round.
  5. Hey everyone, Is anyone else getting a similar error? This has been like this way for months for me, and maybe around the same time i canceled credit monitoring with them. Basically, i click new dispute, login, get this. Of course there's no # for technical support on their site.
  6. Did your lender tell you that? The FHA decided not to implement that rule. Aye, indeed they did.. I'm going with Chase.. rule or not Its now paid, I suppose I should have asked here first but regardless we want this house so badly If they asked me to pay it i'd still pay it.
  7. +1 I sent a letter to TU, took about a week. I called EX about two. One was supposed to be off in July but was still showing this month. The guy I talked to said he could do that one but couldn't dispute the second as obsolete since it was scheduled for December. It was off within 48 hours. A day later I called again but my main reason for calling was because I couldn't get a copy of my report online and asked for a mailed copy. Then, after taking care of that issue, I said, "By the way, I have an entry that is scheduled to come off in December, is there any way to see if this can be disputed off now, obsolete or something?" She said she couldn't really dispute as obsolete because blah blah, but she could try "this," and see if it works. I don't really know what "this" was but whatever she did, it was off the next day! I'm stoked...my EX report is now clean and I have a new Citi TY Premier and AAdvantage headed my way! Instant PermaGrin!! Good luck! I hope you get a happy EX CSR when you call! You may want to ask them when they answer the phone "Are you in a good mood today?" If they say no, just hang up and call again. lol Yeah, I mean it's not hurting my chances of being approved, I just wanted to know if it is going to make me wait another 7yrs to get it off which it sounds like it doesnt. I'll try your method after we're in the new house, my bank told me to not make any disputes or anything until we close.
  8. I disputed it long ago and it stuck, regardless since its a home purchase waiting 30-45 days for a dispute would likely kill my contract. I just wanna know by paying it, if I reset some clock for reporting or it still goes by DOFD.
  9. Hey all, So I'm buying a new house, and the FHA rules with debts reporting balances over $1K have to be paid, I owed Macys $1798, it is past SOL for this state and will stop reporting this January. Really hurt to be forced to pay that knowing it was past SOL, but hey I want my new house... Question I have is, does this update any sort of date that would prevent it falling off this January still? Thanks!
  10. Whaddaya know.. email execs and its fixed in 2 hours... jeez they need to get they're sh!t together.
  11. So, I'm applying for a mortgage, and they say they cant pull my EQ score.. I'm like wtf? I havent done my daily pull yet either so i fire up equifax complete and USAA and both cant pull. I've had about 15 calls with EQ but from what they tell me, their "technical services" team who have no direct line and noone from the customer service can speak with them, all they can see is a blip on the screen that says "Resolved" or "Open Issue" currently is fixing my file and will take 7-10 business days. EQ is my best score and currently my mortgage company is taking my lowest score because of this. Does anyone have any way to get this solved quicker?
  12. Hey guys, I need to send this letter to EX since they are the only bureau who is pretty much ignoring this law. Any suggestions? Hello, I am a resident of New York State. Under New York state law, the FCRA States: New York State Consolidated Laws - General Business Law ARTICLE 25 FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT 380-j. Prohibited information. (f) (1) Except as authorized under paragraph two of this subdivision, no consumer reporting agency may make any consumer report containing any of the following items of information. (iv) accounts placed for collection or charged to profit and loss which antedate the report by more than seven years; or accounts placed for collection or charged to profit and loss, which have been paid and which antedate the report by more than five years The following accounts meet that criteria, and all other credit bureaus have followed this law and deleted this information, yet Experian continues to verify. These accounts are all paid. Some you are still reporting a balance on as well, which is incorrect. • A • B • C • D Please remove these accounts immediately. I have enclosed a copy of my driver’s license to prove my identity.
  13. Hey guys, I cant believe this is finally over! Midland was on my reports for YEARS on a debt that was past SOL.. nothing could get them off, not even the CA AG. They promised the AG they would validate and never did, and verified the account. I am in the market for a house and got declined specifically because of them. I have a NACA lawyer who has been AMAZING who sent a letter to them and cc'd the AG, showing that they have not validated, it is over SOL, and because of the denial we have action against them. They were off my reports a few days after and we can finally go buy a house!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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