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  1. I just got the Capital One QuickSilverOne this week and was super surprised with the identity verification process. I had to send over, through secured link, several documents proving I actually am who I say I am and the card was applied for. I was taken aback because this is my third Capital One card and I've never had to do that. I haven't had to do that with other issuers either. Has anyone else? I guess a beneficial piece of information to people who are going through this or may go through it in the future is that verification did not take long at all. It took about 48 hours from application time and it would have only taken 24 if I had answered the phone the first day they called and sent over the extra info that they asked for.
  2. I think a long time ago, like back when I had just finished my first year of undergrad, I had a First Premier card which had a $9.99 monthly maintenance fee. What a ripoff! Funny you mention Discover. I just applied for a Discover and got approved last night. Not sure which one you have, but I applied for the It Chrome. Just looking to use it for basic stuff like gas and maybe random odd things here and there. I only intend to use this card as a stepping stone card so my tradelines will increase and I can apply for what I definitely want.
  3. It should definitely not take you to have to do any of this. Either way I can't stand First Premier. It's a trash card lol.
  4. What's the worst credit card that you've ever had? Why?
  5. Ha ha ha! Hopefully I won't have too bad of any issues. I really just applied to see if I could be approved and intend to only use it as a stepping stone card till I get to the cash back cards that I actually want.
  6. Just got approved for a Discover It Cash Back last night. I'm going to just hope I don't have any of these issues lol.
  7. Interesting. Thanks for this info.
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