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  1. So, I am so lost right now. Before this problem, I paid most of my debt off on time and had an 800+ credit score. After this, my credit score is now about 700 points. I'm scared and tired with everything going on in my life. Basically, I have tried reading through these threads and still am not sure what to do. The situation is I had a medical procedure done about two years ago and had insurance. I got a bill from the company for about $600 dollars. After 30 days, they sold it to a collections agency. This is when I started noticing I even had the debt. I contacted my insurance to ask them if this bill was correct. It turned out it was not and they told the collections agency it was wrong and I should be billed $300. They send something to the collection agency and then the collection agency agreed to drop the amount to $300 something. But in the process, they hit my credit score with the 100 pointer mentioned above. At this point, I have only been in contact with the insurance company. I have NOT called the debt collector or answered phone calls. I asked them repeatedly (via the insurance company) to send me a bill. They can't because they have my old address and won't update it unless I call. They can only send it to the old address I guess (and may have been doing that for all I know, I do not know and have no way to know that). Anyways, at this point, all I care about is getting that nasty thing off my credit report. I'm willing to pay anything to make it go away. What should I do at this point with the above information? I am so stressed I can't think straight anymore. If I missed something on this board, I apologize. I am not thinking straight with all the stress going on in my life. I would appreciate it if someone can help let me know what exactly I should be doing to make the credit report issue go away and make this all stop and go away. Thank you for any help.

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