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  1. @Why Chat , so I have a very confusing situation now after following step 1 of pulling credit report. I have a FICO Score available from my bank. It says I am at 730 and one reason is because of "Derogatory public record or collections filed". This drop from 800s to 700s happened around the time this whole thing that prompted this post (the medical debt). Yet, I pulled my records for 2 of the 3 creditors today (I have to mail in records for the third creditor) and I see nothing about a Collections against my account. To add more questions to this, the FICO Score my bank gets is based on Equifax data according to them. Well, I made sure to go over in detail that report from Equifax. It says in summary 0 Collections found in the beginning and also I see nothing about collections anywhere in the report. So...now I am super confused. Granted, I pulled this report on 1/1/2020...and the score was updated on the banks site on 12/05/2019. I doubt the report was removed randomly this month, right? Another thing I noticed is I haven't received any calls on this issue in a few months either. Overall, I'm just confused. Why is my credit score dinged and notes say it is related to "derogatory public record or collections filed", yet I see no collections on my credit report. Can someone help me? I literally don't know how to challenge this report as I can't even find a collection on the report to challenge?
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Does @Why Chat or others mind answering the remainder of my questions about the form? Some of what is on the form confuses me frankly.
  3. @Why Chat, thanks for your advice and I will ignore the other negative poster in this thread like you advise. To the other person negatively bashing me. I have had over 800+ credit rating before this experience for years. I pay my bills on time. So save your judgement. @Why Chat so, I have had serious life issues (not credit related and I will save the details. But I have had a lot of personal trauma in my life that superseded this) that caused me to not deal with this and now I am ready to address it. I re-read your guide. Is this still accurate today? I took the first step which is to opt out of pre-screen via that website. Would the next step be now to send the "INITIAL HIPAA DISPUTE LETTER" to each CRA? It appears just print that out three times and send it to the three different CRAs (I believe there are three)? Is there a specific address I should send them too? Also, I understand to print out that letter AND write in blue ink. The one thing I am confused about on the letter is what is the "Report #" and what is the "Account Number" for? Where do I find that information? Sorry if these are stupid questions. I am trying to get my life back in order and just want to make sure I don't make more stupid decisions that lead to more issues. I appreciate you taking the time to help on here.
  4. So, I am so lost right now. Before this problem, I paid most of my debt off on time and had an 800+ credit score. After this, my credit score is now about 700 points. I'm scared and tired with everything going on in my life. Basically, I have tried reading through these threads and still am not sure what to do. The situation is I had a medical procedure done about two years ago and had insurance. I got a bill from the company for about $600 dollars. After 30 days, they sold it to a collections agency. This is when I started noticing I even had the debt. I contacted my insurance to ask them if this bill was correct. It turned out it was not and they told the collections agency it was wrong and I should be billed $300. They send something to the collection agency and then the collection agency agreed to drop the amount to $300 something. But in the process, they hit my credit score with the 100 pointer mentioned above. At this point, I have only been in contact with the insurance company. I have NOT called the debt collector or answered phone calls. I asked them repeatedly (via the insurance company) to send me a bill. They can't because they have my old address and won't update it unless I call. They can only send it to the old address I guess (and may have been doing that for all I know, I do not know and have no way to know that). Anyways, at this point, all I care about is getting that nasty thing off my credit report. I'm willing to pay anything to make it go away. What should I do at this point with the above information? I am so stressed I can't think straight anymore. If I missed something on this board, I apologize. I am not thinking straight with all the stress going on in my life. I would appreciate it if someone can help let me know what exactly I should be doing to make the credit report issue go away and make this all stop and go away. Thank you for any help.

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