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  1. Thanks IndyPoolPlayer, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post. Take care, James
  2. Hi there, How are you. I have both an active 403(b) account as well as a ROTH IRA, and I’m currently contributing to both. I was wondering - is this a smart move? Should I be contributing way more money to one versus the other? Should I close one of them altogether and place all of my money into the other? What would you do? Oh….and another last question - I read that, if you have a 403(b), that you should get rid of all monies placed into annuities - the article said that annuities do not make fiscal sense to be invested in (within your 403(b) ). Any thoughts on that. Well
  3. Hi there, How are you. So, I’m trying to raise my credit score in order to qualify to re-finance my mortgage on my home. My current FICO score is 670. Any immediate tips on how to do so? I’m trying to take action on one item at a time. Here’s what had in mind - my Bank of America credit card balance is $3,800 and my credit line on the card is $4,500. Should I request a credit limit increase in order to lower my credit utilization ratio on that card? If so, how much of a credit limit increase should I request? Will this strategy bump up my FICO at all? If it does, should I us
  4. Hi there, How are you. I was wondering if you might be able to help me out regarding this question - I currently have a credit union "line of credit" with $1,500 available to me at an interest rate of 10% APR, and I currently owe $3,500 one this same "line of credit" already. This might be an obvious question, but would it make sense to use that $1,500 to pay off some of the debt of my Discover credit card, which has the highest APR? Here’s a follow up question – I have about six credit cards that I owe money on, with a grand total of about $25,000 in debt. Should I maybe use t
  5. Hi there, how are you. I was wondering if someone could advise me on credit card issues that I’m having? I have six credit cards that I owe money on. The APR interest rates per card vary from 19% to 21%. After adding up the balances, I owe about $20,000 in total. I’ve heard about methods such as the “avalanche” and “snowball”. I’m unsure about using those or seeking out a more effective method. My credit score is currently 651. I own a house and have been paying the mortgage on it for five years. It was hard to re-finance the house because, many months ago, when we tried, my wife and
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