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  1. I have a medical bill that is past due to a for $546 and a closed account for $900. I was reading I should call to see if they would reduce that amount and ask for a pay and deletion if they do so?? But I also read not to start making payments on that $900 account because it refreshes the account and could be more harmful. Only make a one time payment if they offer a smaller amount I can afford and are only willing to delete it from report?? the $546 I’m gonna pay, but wonder if I should ask for a pay and delete also? It’s not a closed account, just shows past due outstanding. I need some advice and help please
  2. I recently had a car accident and totaled my vehicle ( other drivers fault). I’m trying to find the best option to get a car loan for a vehicle. I pulled my credit report and it’s a 540 with trans union and 583 with Equifax. I have a unsecured credit card with a $1,500 limit which I have a balance of $1,100. I know I need to get this down to 30% utilization. My credit union has 5.5% used car loans and 10.75% for personal loans. I doubt I can get approved my credit score but I haven’t tried to avoid a hard inquiry with a denial... not sure though you guys and gals may know better. There is the usual high interest lenders with 14-20% interest rates. I may have to go that route and pay on time and good standing for 6-8 months then try and refinance with my credit union. So I’m looking for any advice or suggestions... I desperately need a vehicle so I’m looking for any help. Please point me in right direction. Thank you

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