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  1. I have one auto account that was charged off on my credit report almost 7 years ago : 10/31/2012. I pulled my credit reports and Experian has already deleted this account but TU and Equifax still show the account. I DO understand that these will stay on your report for 7 years but I am looking to get a mortgage this month and can't afford to wait the extra few months (if at all possible). TU says that this is expected to fall off 6/2019 (next month) but Equifax doesn't give me a date (and I'm assuming it can be on there for much longer since the date was in October of 2012). At this point, this collection was just recently paid off through an attorney that I had payments set up for for the last 2 years. They said they do not report to the Big 3 but I can mail them my confirmation to update the records. They mailed me a confirmation that this has been paid in full. My question is: I don't want to ruffle any feathers but disputing with them and even saying I paid it off. Is there anything I can try and do to request an early removal A good will letter? Thank you!

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